How Multi-Channel Marketing Can Enhance the PERQ Experience

By: Felicia Savage

multi-channel marketingAs you’re likely already aware, PERQ is software that engages online visitors and helps to drive traffic in-store. Needless to say, it’s an extremely powerful platform. But, in order for you to leverage the power of PERQ, you also need to get the message out with advertising; or more specifically, multi-channel or cohesive marketing. After all, what good is PERQ if consumers don’t even know your promotions exist?

Here’s how multi-channel marketing can help your PERQ efforts:

Spreading the Word

In order to encourage buyers to use your in-store kiosk or online microsite, they need to be incentivized to do so. There are a number of ways you can get the attention of your target market, and really, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your advertising budget). Now, assuming you don’t have a full-fledged consumer database (yet) or a specific demographic, you’ll be “casting your net” on essentially the entire surrounding area of your store or dealership.

So, that leaves one question: what platforms should you advertise with? Anything goes, really! You could choose to broadcast commercials on television & radio, use direct mail, create banner ads, advertise on Twitter or Facebook, etc! Just make sure your messaging and imagery is basically the same from platform to platform. You want to make sure the message is being reiterated in such a way that it’s distinguishable and memorable by the time they enter your store. For example: Offering consumers the “chance to win $1,000” should be on both your direct mail piece and your television advertisements. On that note, make sure your offer isn’t anything too specific just yet as you won’t yet know what is your consumers really want until they’ve provided their information.

Provide Better Offers

Now that the consumers have filled out their information in the microsite or kiosk, it’s time to dive into your newly filled consumer database (Hhooray!). With this new information, you immediately have a better idea of what it is your buyers want. That said, you can now serve those buyers better ads with more specific offers.

Example: A gentleman wants to upgrade his vehicle, but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. The cars on your lot aren’t exactly cheap, but you can offer them “free oil changes and tire rotations” or “special financing” to compensate for the steep cost. The messaging is specifically catered to them; so, in theory, that makes it easier for them to come back. PERQ’s consumer database can help dictate how you advertise and even speak to certain consumers.

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