How Can Multi-Channel Promotions Help Your Current Event Sale Efforts?

By: Felicia Savage

It’s no secret that event sales are a great way to draw more Ups into your dealership. And I mean, why the heck not? For a very limited time, dealerships might offer discounted vehicles (sometimes significantly discounted), free or discounted auto services, or special financing for qualified buyers. If you’re in the market to buy a car, these are some darn good reasons to visit a showroom. Everyone loves a great deal!


Now, hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’re a dealership that sees a pretty decent return on event sales. Good… but still not amazing. You’re offering some really awesome deals, seeing some significant foot traffic, but not a whole lot of people are buying. Most of the profit is coming from folks who just so happen to (thankfully) make larger purchases.


So, what can a dealer like yourself do to get more Ups in your showroom who actually intend to purchase? Well, for starters, if you’re just leveraging one marketing channel (direct mail, Facebook advertising, newspaper inserts, or television), you’re targeting a specific group of buyers (Specific age ranges, income levels, zip codes, etc.). However, if you’re using multiple channels to communicate the same message, you can broaden your reach and target several types of people within your area. These are what we call “multi-channel promotions.”


Here are some ways multi-channel promotions can help your current event sale efforts:


Target More People for Your Dealership’s Event Sales Efforts


One of the most useful aspects of running a multi-channel promotion is being able to target far more people than you could with just one channel. Basically, the more channels you target, the more people will discover will your ads.


Deciding what marketing channels to use can be challenging, but the additional research is totally worth it. It helps to think about the folks you’re currently targeting. Write down their age range, income level, zip code, etc – anything that defines them really.


Once you’ve completed that step, think about the types of channels they might actually be interested in and target the same folks with that channel. For example: let’s say your core demographic consists of buyers with decent credit rating and household income. Along with using direct mail, you choose to use Facebook ads and target ads with the same messaging towards people in that demographic.


Hit Them With the Same Message


Regardless of whom you’re targeting and how, it’s absolutely crucial that your imagery, messaging and offerings remain the same across all channels you advertise on. The reason for this is so you always remain “top of mind” to your consumers. If one consumer sees a Facebook advertisement promoting your latest event sale, you better make sure they’re seeing it on television or through direct mail. The folks you’re targeting need to see this same message over and over in order for them to make a decision.

Follow Up Online


So, you’ve targeted your consumers, created your advertisements (with the same messaging and imagery throughout) and you’ve gotten them to fill out a form on a microsite or kiosk. Congratulations! That’s a big deal! So now what? Now, we’re going to target those consumers online.


Let’s say a consumer visits an online microsite after receiving a direct mail piece. Upon visiting the microsite and filling out the form, a consumer’s contact info is then collected by a dealer’s CRM for future follow-up. After the consumer’s contact information is received, dealers can send marketing emails discussing about the same promotion or simply call to follow up about a possible test drive.


To learn more about how multi-channel advertising can help your event sale efforts, give a PERQ account manager a call now at 800.873.3117!