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More Renter Leads Thanks to PERQ Web Engagement

“We love PERQ at TWG! After implementing the software/experiences on our property websites we have seen a huge increase in leads, and are getting more people in the door to tour."

–Anna Barabas, Marketing Principal

60 Day Success Snapshot for 2 TWG Properties


Leads for Flats at Switch (Benchmark was 10/month)


Average Lift in Monthly Lead Conversion for Flats at Switch


Leads for Lockerbie Lofts (Benchmark was 24/month)


Average Lift in Monthly Lead Conversion for Lockerbie Lofts
Increased Web
More Renter
Leads & Tours
Renter Profile Data
Increased Occupancy
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PERQ Software Increases Leads from Property Websites

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With a focus on two property websites, Flats at Switch and Lockerbie Lofts, TWG property management group and PERQ worked together using PERQ's web engagement software to increase consumer engagement on the property websites, resulting in a tremendous increase in the amount of leads provided to their leasing teams and in-person tours scheduled.


TWG, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a portfolio of 30 properties ranging from market rate to affordable housing and is dedicated to providing a high level of commitment and care to their residents.


In addition to knowing more about their web audience, the goal of partnering with PERQ is to get qualified renter profiles in the hands of the leasing agents, and therefore increase occupancy rates by having a steady stream of applicants.

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PERQ Creates Meaningful Interaction

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With experiences such as “What floorplan is right for me?” and “See if you Pre-Qualify”, TWG captures renters in all stages of the renting process, not just those ready to sign immediately.


In addition, these property websites now provide enhanced consumer experiences, allowing for more meaningful interaction between the property and the renter. With each experience being tailored towards the needs of each individual property, the consumer experience is unique and meaningful.


By adding the web engagement solution to both websites, TWG now has increased visibility into the leads and leases that are directly tied to their web audience.

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PERQ Web Engagement Software Converts Website Traffic

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Flats at Switch has seen an average web conversion rate of 5.8%, while Lockerbie Lofts conversion rate was 8.5% in the first 60 Days on PERQ Web Engagement.


Before using the PERQ software, both properties averaged just over 1% conversion rate of web traffic into leads.


With the data captured from the interactive web experiences, TWG has:


  • Scheduled 35 tours of their properties
  • Pre-qualified 54 renters
  • Discovered that 65% of visitors wanted to move in within one month
  • Determined that one-third of their visitors preferred to be contacted in the evening

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"You can really see what you are paying for. The team at PERQ is great to work with and willing to update and make changes to the product to make sure it fits at each different property."

Anna Barabas, Marketing Principal at TWG

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