This Week in Marketing Tech

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The marketing tech world keeps evolving, and it’s important to stay up to date. Here’s what you need to know this week.

New in Mobile

Mobile tech keeps growing and evolving. Android, iOS, Google, Panasonic, and Vodafone are all in the news this week.

  • Google Smartwatch: Google is probably working on a smartwatch. Some information about the possible new Google smartwatch was leaked by @Evleaks.
  • PSiP: Panasonic
    announced the shipping of its new Power Supply in Package (PSiP). These new power supplies eliminate some to the headaches associated with older technology.
  • Vodafone picks up Grupo Corporativo Ono S.A.: For 7.2 million euros, Vodafone Holdings Europe S.L.U. has taken 100% of the share capital of Grupo Corporative Ono S.A. In Spain, Ono is the largest next-gen network, and offers mobile and fixed communications as well as television services to around 1.9 million people.
  • Android and iOS Games Learn to Play Nice: Google is trying to bridge the gap between Android and iOS gamers so they can play together.

New in Social

Social media sites are always updating to better meet the needs of their users. Check out the news from this week.

  • Twitterjacking: Chase McMichael discusses how, why, and what Twitterjacking is and what it means for you.
  • Q&A with Dennis Crowley: The Foursquare cofounder and CEO, Dennis Crowley, answered a few of Selena Larson’s questions about anticipatory computing and more.
  • Social Crisis: Chris Syme brings together some crisis experts to discuss what a person should do if they experience a social networking crisis. Read up if you know what’s good for you.
  • CEO of Twitter Visits China: Twitter may soon be available for use in China. Their CEO Dick Costolo is making his first visit to the country.

New in Software

Microsoft is shaking things up in the software world by giving away free OneNote.

  • OneNote for Free: Microsoft is offering its OneNote as a free version for Macs, a version they are calling freemium for Windows, as well as a new cloud-based version that can be used by first and third party apps.