Don’t Clown Around: Lock Car Buyer Leads Down

By: Brooke Kovanda

“Too many leads”- especially if you’re using PERQ’s online guided shopping solution- is a good problem to have. But if you’re feeling like things are becoming a circus of chaos with the sudden onslaught of car buyer leads coming your way, know that PERQ is here is to help you continue to generate leads for sales and make sure you’re capitalizing on the information.


Don’t be a clown and let internet car buyer leads slip away because you were unable to respond to their needs in a timely manner. These leads should be treated with same great customer service as any lead that comes directly into a dealership or a business. A sudden influx of leads may seem a little chaotic, but, with efficiency and discipline, your sales team can make sure your dealership doesn’t become a full-blown circus, and stays a smoothly running show. Here’s some tips and tricks to make sure you’re on your game when you’re helping to generate leads for sales.



With efficiency and discipline, your sales team can make sure your dealership doesn’t become a full-blown circus.

In no time, you’ll be the ringmaster of your “car buyer lead circus.”


1. Call them right away!

Don’t wait until the next day to call the consumer when a lead comes through on your site. Remember how we talked about how actionable micro-moments are when consumers are looking for information? By calling a consumer right away, it increases the likelihood you’ll be able to walk them though the site while they’re still on it. This gives you time to also walk them through products and services and give additional details. Another bonus of calling the consumer right away is that even if they’re not interested in buying in that moment, it’s still good brand building to show that your business is very responsive.


Goodwill is an important component to how your brand measures up in a consumer’s mind. Being responsive means consumers will have more trust and goodwill towards you, and when the time comes for them to buy, you will be top of mind!


2. Treat online car buyer leads as you would in-store traffic.

Do you generally ignore customers when they come into your showroom? No! Of course not!


You finish what you’re doing (or drop what you’re doing!) to go and be welcoming and available for them. You make time to interact with customers and give them quality service. Just like visitors who come into your showroom, you have to make time to follow up with online car buyer leads. You want to make them feel valued in the same way as you would any other customer. That means promptly responding to their inquiries and letting them know that you’re there for them throughout each stage of the buying process, from “just researching” to sitting down and signing on the dotted line.


By treating online car buyer leads as you would in-store traffic, you’re showcasing your business’s value earlier in the buyer’s journey and making a favorable impression that will stick with them in later stages of the buying process.


3. Remember to follow-up!

For those online car buyer leads who say they are interested in three to six months, or are looking to buy at a later date, don’t chalk them up as a loss. These leads can become long-term gains if you make an effort to foster and grow your relationship over time with the lead.


Put a reminder in your calendar to call leads back at a more relevant time, or even multiple reminders to help establish a repertoire with the consumer. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to have to follow-up with so many leads. Truth is, the follow-up is just as important as the initial contact. Set your calendar reminder and stick to it!


4. Keep a spreadsheet or a call log.

When things get chaotic around your dealership, it can become difficult to keep track of who has called or responded back to each lead. It’s important that your entire team is on the same page, and knows that each car buyer lead has been given the time and attention it deserves.



Car buyer leads will definitely remember their conversations with your business, and don’t want to feel like they’re back to square one each time they talk to a sales representative.

Just like for in-store showroom sales, consistency is key. It’s best that each car buyer lead has a designated representative who is helping them and keeping track of their questions and needs. Keeping logs of communications with the consumers will help you understand where they are in the buying process and better tailor each of your conversations to their needs.


Consumers will definitely remember their conversations with your business, and don’t want to feel like they’re back to square one each time they talk to a sales representative.


5. Email is OK too!

Sometimes, when a car buyer lead comes in from the web, the only contact information provided is an email address. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay.


The unique advantage of communicating with consumers through email is that both sales reps and consumers can go back and reference specific pieces of information. Email provides a record of communication that can give written, memorable descriptions and explanations of products and processes. When communicating through email, have sales representatives use scripts to give consumers options and pictures via email as well.

By following these five steps towards successfully nurturing internet car buyer leads, hopefully you’ll start to lock them down and get a better grasp on the traffic coming from your website. Web traffic lead generation doesn’t have to be overwhelming- it doesn’t have to be a circus. Follow these simple steps to become the master of your internet leads!