Making A Connection: How World-Class Promoters Leverage People

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As you’re already aware, event sales are a great way to get the word out about your dealership — but let’s face facts: many dealerships go through the same spiel of enticing folks to visit, but their events (not to mention, their inventory) aren’t truly different than their competitors. Now, incentivized promotions at your event sales are never a bad idea. Besides the few “prize-grabbers,” you’ll generally come back with quite a few leads. Incentives certainly do set your dealership apart from others, but you have an amazing opportunity to go the extra mile. How? By treating every person that walks through that door like a human being. Here’s how you could leverage that human connection at your next event sale:

Earn Your Consumers’ Trust

What often happens with incentivized promotions is that they often come with skeptics. Many folks simply don’t believe (or aren’t willing to believe) that a dealership is ready to give away a damn nice prize to one lucky consumer. Given the number of scams out there, this skepticism isn’t unwarranted — but your dealership has the power to change a skeptic into a believer. How? With proof!

Whenever you actually get someone through the door who wins a prize, document it and share it with the world. Take pictures of those folks holding their big checks, showing off their new iPad or sitting in their new car. And to prove that this is totally real, ask to use their real names and locations on any photographs they share on social media. People will almost always identify with real people!

Listen Closely to Your Consumers

Let’s take a look at one common scenario, shall we? You’ve finally managed to get folks to come down to your dealership, and that, in and of itself, is awesome. Unfortunately, you find out that they have no intention of actually buying a car that day. It turns out they’re just browsing. While there’s nothing sweeter than seeing immediate results after your event sale, it sometimes doesn’t work out that way. Cars are a major investment (as I’m sure you already know), and most folks want to know that they’re getting exactly what they want. So, as a dealership looking to see a return on your investment, what do you do?

Immediate sales following an event sale are awesome, but folks generally like to take their time. Instead of trying to change their behavior with pushy, in-your-face tactics, be accommodating. Answer any questions they may have, listen to their concerns and offer constructive feedback and most importantly, give them their space — which leads us to my last point.

Don’t Forget About Consumers After They Leave

Allow me to bestow some words of wisdom: just because a customer has left your dealership with their shiny new vehicle doesn’t mean you should leave em’ hangin’. Instead of having just a one-time customer, why not create a customer for life? In this day and age, word travels faster than ever and that means your dealership has a reputation to uphold. Attempt to reach back out to past customers and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Offering just a little bit of assistance after a sale goes a long way. It shows customers that you don’t just care about a quick buck, but that you care about them as a person! Not only will this bring customers back to your dealership, it’ll keep your reputation in good standing — and with the number of online review sites out there, this is absolutely crucial.

Personally, I can’t name one person in my internal rolodex that doesn’t like to be treated with respect as a customer. Heck, most of em’ like to be treated like they’re pretty special. Even though they’re awesome, cool prizes and great discounts can only take you so far. Going the extra mile to prove your legitimacy, listen to your consumers and reach out post-sale can mean the difference between an empty lot and one that’s booming with people trying to talk to all the nice folks at your dealership. You’re a human. Your customers are human. Be human!

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