How to Get More Auto Leads: Learn From Our Sales Experts!

By: Felicia Savage

Regardless of the industry, lead generation is no walk in the park. But I think it’s safe to say that it’s especially hard for dealerships to collect auto leads because competition is just so fierce.


Still, there are some folks out there that just make it look so darn easy… and it isn’t because they happen to be miraculously talented. No, they’re good at it because they’ve worked hard to perfect their strategy and they’re constantly learning from their experiences.


That’s why these next few tips are AWESOME. I paid a visit to a few of our own sales people. Here’s their take on how to get more auto leads:

Ashley Cuellar, Senior Account Manager

“When I get a new dealer client, I look up the dealership on LinkedIn and add/connect with people from the store – F&I Managers, Internet Managers, GMs. It helps with my own personal visibility on a professional network, gets PERQ’s name in front of people, and gives me a chance to see if those folks know people that I might want to be introduced to. Of course, I cannot take full credit for this idea – this is all Bryan Neale’s training!”


Dan Bartlemay, Sales Specialist

“Offer incentives to customers like 10% off their next visit, or a $10 gift card for Liking, Sharing, Posting, or Retweeting some of your dealership’s promotions and event sales. It’s a cost-effective way to develop a social presence, and it manages to keep folks engaged enough to eventually inquire about their own trade appraisal, discount or credit application.”

Jordan Thomas, Senior Sales Specialist

“Stop flooding your homepage with every banner, pop-up, special offer, etc. known to man. 20 different CTA’s don’t make a consumer want to fill out more leads! It makes them want to leave the website because it’s so overwhelming. Track a consumer’s online behavior and offer the appropriate call to action at the appropriate time. Stop with the static fill forms to capture auto leads and start offering engaging calls-to-action to your website visitors. Consumers being sent to static forms with no explanation of what happens once they fill it out, begin to feel like they aren’t in control and it creates a bad consumer experience.


Instead, engage with the consumer and warm the lead up by offering CTA’s that ask them more about their buying needs and wants. Not only does this create a better experience for the consumer, but it arms the sales team with more than just a name, phone number, email address. The more you know about the person submitting the lead, the more closable that lead becomes.”


Debbie Hill, Account Manager

“The best tip I have for any dealership? Use us! :)”


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