Lead Forms Are Dead Breakout Session Announced for DrivingSales Executive Summit

By: Felicia Savage

We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that FATWIN Web Engagement’s Product Marketing Manager, Russ Chandler, will be a breakout speaker on the Advanced Marketing track at the DrivingSales Executive Summit to explain why lead form are dead and how to drive conversion on your website with interactive experiences.


The DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) gathers “the most progressive dealers in the country” to present the latest and greatest business strategies and ideas to dealerships looking to become more successful. Being among one of the most well renowned and respected conferences in the U.S, it’s a huge honor to have one of our best and brightest thinkers sharing his wealth of knowledge with other reputable marketers and dealers.

Russ Chandler-01

Be sure to check out Russ’ breakout session, Lead Forms are Dead: Converting Static Forms to Interactive Experiences on Monday, Oct 24th at 11:20 AM in the Gauguin.

Here at PERQ, Russ has played a highly instrumental role in how FATWIN Web Engagement has come to fruition; working closely with the product and sales teams to provide dealerships with rich yet highly practical experiences to their consumers through their dealership website.


Since May 2012, Russ Chandler has been a regular contributor to DrivingSales; and recently acquired the title of “Senior Contributor.” Since late 2015. Russ’ articles focus primarily on interactive content, consumer behavior and the demise of boring, static lead forms.


One of Russ’ most talked about posts on DrivingSales was his June 7th article Lead Forms Are Dead. Period; which is the basis for his breakout session. In his June 7th post, Russ explains in great detail why static lead forms are quickly becoming obsolete and why providing useful resources (assessments, quizzes, calculators, etc) is far more meaningful to a consumer than filling out a form with no reciprocated reward.

A Sneak Peek of Russ Chandler’s DSES breakout session here:

Here are some of the takeaways and things you’ll learn from Russ’ breakout session:

  • What are static forms? What’s interactive content? What are the differences between the two? What does the consumer engagement or interactions look like for both?
  • Common lead types that can easily be upgraded from static to interactive to improve conversion: trade, price, promotion, and shopping tools. Will include data showing conversion increases and shopper behavior.
  • Best practices for implementing interactive content based on dealership experience. Will include common pain points, how to choose a technology partner, and measuring monetary / non-monetary value.