Knight Furniture & Mattress and PERQ Customer Engagement Solutions

Success Snapshot

1,360% ROI IN 60 DAYS




Knight Furniture & Mattress Focuses on Digital Marketing Strategy

For the last 105 years, Knight Furniture & Mattress has been a true force in the North Central Texas area, furnishing more homes than any other retailer. In fact, Knight Furniture was awarded the prestigious “Retailers of the Year” title from the Home Furnishing Association in 2016 — a coveted award that singles them out among all the furniture retailers in North America.


While it’s clear that much of their business can be attributed to their excellent reputation, Vice President Joey Gunn also applied a digital marketing strategy to propel them further. Gunn used a combination of paid and free services like Google AdWords and Facebook. Additionally, Gunn relies heavily on his website provider, FurnitureDealer.net, for its online furniture catalog and web services.


Recently, he even pushed for his business to amend their name after nearly 100 years, adding the word “Mattress” to ensure they were receiving proper ranking in online searches. While his strategies were cutting edge at first, many of Knight Furniture & Mattress’ competitors had caught up in recent years. In 2017, Gunn decided it was time to seek out more advanced methods of interacting with potential buyers that were doing research online.

Joey Gunn Partners With PERQ

Joey Gunn wasn’t completely sure how successful their online marketing efforts were. While increases in their AdWords spending budget likely lead to an increase in traffic, what motivated customers to come into the store wasn’t entirely clear. The integrated data analytics provided by PERQ’s web engagement was one major benefit of the solutions offered.


Since only around 3% of furniture purchases are made online, Gunn knew that what really counted was connecting with online customers in a way that made them excited to come to the store./p>

By using interactive assessments and other engagement experiences as organic forms of lead capture and consumer engagement, the team at Knight Furniture and Mattress was able to learn more about the preferences and tastes of their consumers, while simultaneously getting them excited about shopping at their store.

Results with PERQ

1,360% ROI in 60 Days

PERQ’s unique consumer engagement solution had an almost immediate and positive impact for the team at Knight Furniture & Mattress. Gunn confirmed that store visits and sales inspired by a previous visit to their website actually doubled in the first 30 days of partnering with PERQ. And the consumer profiles were pouring in too for Knight’s sales team — with a 402% increase in website leads from their benchmark before PERQ. Conservatively, Gunn was willing to attribute 27 sales during the first 60 days of using PERQ, resulting in a 1,360% ROI.


Even though Knight Furniture & Mattress would have made great sales without the addition of PERQ, integrating these solutions made their business immensely more engaging and compelling to online shoppers. PERQ helped to significantly increase inbound leads for their sales team, as well as boost the amount of foot traffic, and number of consumers who were more prepared to buy immediately. And most importantly, provide measurable results of web traffic to in-store sales.

“Until I hired [PERQ] it was the question of ‘How do I track this?’ I would increase my spending on AdWords, and the sales in our store would increase. But it wasn’t consistent, and we couldn’t be sure they were related. Now that we have PERQ and their team to analyze the data, it’s clear just how much business we can attribute to the website.”

Joey Gunn, Vice President of Knight Furniture & Mattress

Joey Gunn