Interactive Web Content: Does your Website Communicate Like your Best Salesperson?

By: Scott Hill

Would you honestly be happy with a salesperson (on your team) if all they did was rattle off random, probably irrelevant statistics, and then randomly put a form in front of a prospect asking them to “contact us?” Although your sales guys probably don’t do this (hopefully they don’t), it’s sadly what the majority of websites out there do.

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Typically, you would expect your salespeople to ask certain questions in order to learn more about the prospect, try to get them to engage with the prospect at a deeper level, and then present products that are better tailored to the unique desires of that prospect.


With today’s technology, you should expect the exact same type of engagement from your website as you would from your best salespeople. Not only will you likely capture double the leads, but the leads you do capture will have so much more information. So, you might be asking yourself: How can I get my website to mirror those best sales practices?


Here is a quick checklist to better review the ways your website can perform better:


1. Does your website immediately know if a consumer has ever visited your site before, and adjust the initial communication to reflect this?

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It’s only natural that you’d expect your sales team to communicate differently depending how many times they have already talked to a prospect. Your website should do just the same!



2. Is your website able to recognize the exact pages your prospects are looking at? If so, can it adjust the content and offers accordingly so that they’re tailored to your prospect’s interest?


You’d never let your sales team get away with pitching products that prospects aren’t interested in. Your website shouldn’t do this either.


3. Does your website create compelling reasons to engage with you that make prospects more comfortable giving up information in exchange for satisfying their curiosity?


interactive web content - image 2Your salespeople know how to create interest that leads people to WANT to buy.


The interactive web content on your site should cause someone to want to give up information to learn more.



4. Would you say that your website creates a dialogue between your business and the prospect with interactive experiences, or are you just using basic lead forms?



With interactive web content, you can provide valuable information through assessments, calculators, quizzes, and personalized offers that help move a prospect through the purchase funnel. This valuable exchange of information benefits both parties and moves prospect closer to a purchase. This is exactly what you want your salespeople to do.



5. Does your website know when it’s time to increase the incentives to further entice the prospect to engage and convert them to a lead?



Your best salespeople intuitively know when the time is to increase the pressure to close. In order to succeed, your website needs this same intuition! Your website is the first “salesperson” most of your prospects speak with; so take the time to review how you can improve the way your website is communicating.



The same way a talented salesperson can close more deals, a “talented” website converts your traffic into more leads, moves a prospect further down the purchase funnel, and give you lots of information about the prospect.