What is Interactive Content?

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Smartphones, tablets and, as of late, smart watches have quickly become the norm; and that means it has become increasingly difficult to capture the attention of consumers. What’s even worse is that it’s become even more difficult to KEEP the attention of consumers you’ve already pursued. In order to rise above the competition, brands are coming up with new and innovative ways to capture and keep people’s attention. This is where interactive content comes into play.

Interactive content has become wildly popular amongst many brands and marketers over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. The level of engagement that comes from interactive content ultimately means more conversions and, of course, more sales. So, this leaves us with one important question: Just what the heck is interactive content?


Interactive ContentAt a high level, it’s content that requires prospective buyers to actively engage with their brand in order to receive very specific information (info that the buyer is likely actively looking for), achieve a certain result or obtain an incentive. In a nutshell, interactive content is meant to serve a specific purpose.


The results can be informative, educational or even fun. In essence, it’s supposed to solve a problem or provide some sort of entertainment. Let’s say someone is interested in buying a home, but they want to evaluate how much they’ll be able to afford each month. A prime interactive content piece would be a calculator that allows users to estimate the cost of their monthly mortgage payments (based on down payment, home cost, etc.). This would hopefully entice said consumer to ask further questions with the organization that created the tool, and eventually do business with them.

Interactive ContentOne great example of interactive content is the “Human Parallel” weight management tool by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The goal of the Human Parallel tool is to compare the weight gain of big & small breeds of cats and dogs to humans of a normal body weight. For example, the tool will tell you that a small dog (Ex: Chihuahua) gaining 1 lb would be the equivalent of a human gaining a whopping 31 lbs. Not only is the tool insightful, it’s downright useful. This shows to the consumer that Hill’s Pet Nutrition cares about your pet’s well being, and that typically leads to consumers trusting the brand.


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