Why Is Interactive Content the Future of Marketing?

By: Muhammad Yasin

At one point in time, producing a significant amount of relevant, useful content allowed marketers to possess a sizeable advantage over the majority of their competition – and it didn’t matter what type of content it was. Regardless of whether it was an E-Guide, blog post, video or special offer, if it solved a problem or entertained the in-market consumer, you were as good as gold. Now, let’s arbitrarily choose a year – say, 2010 – when this type of “Content is King” mentality was the BIG thing. If you started producing quality content around this time, you were ahead of the game!

Now, let’s fast-forward to 2015, or present-day. While producing great content is still a crucial aspect of one’s marketing strategy, the game is changing FAST. Millions upon millions of E-Guides, blog posts, videos and special offers have been produced to a point of oversaturation. Chances are pretty good that you’ll find 10 different e-guides or whitepapers on the first page of Google that relate to the subject you were searching for.


The conclusion? You need STAND OUT from the competition. Right now, you can’t throw out a coupon, special offer and piece of information and expect the consumer to truly care about it. They can get all that stuff from their competition; and this is where Interactive Content comes here to play. If you treat 2015 like 2010 (The era of “Content is King”) you’ll have the same opportunities to jump ahead in the realm of Interactive Content.


Interactive content is way to capture the consumer’s attention when they’re being bombarded with information. Not only does interactive content provide solutions to problems, but also it’s providing solutions to consumers in fun and interesting ways that peak their curiosity. Consumers find out, first hand, why they achieve certain results or receive certain recommendations. They’re not being told, “You need this solution because we’re subject matter experts.” Instead, they’re being told, “you need this solution and here’s why.” The “why,” of course, comes directly from the answers or information the consumer enters.

“I don’t want to be able to know what flavor of potato chips. I want to be able to answer a quiz that tells me ‘here’s the particular potato chip I would like because of the lifestyle I enjoy.’ Is it necessary? No. Is it fun? Yes! And fun wins when it comes to getting a consumer to engage with your brand, when you can deliver the information in a way the consumer finds more enjoyable.” – Scott Hill

In essence, interactive content is simply an evolved version of content marketing. After all, it’s still content that provides solutions and entertainment. Of course, content marketing is evolving for a reason. Aside from not giving a hoot about simple offers, coupons or blog posts, consumers are also becoming more and more weary about standard lead forms. Lead forms are still an excellent way to gather information, but your brand better be able to provide an exciting incentive for them (a game, for example) for them filling out their information. Consumers aren’t dumb! They know you’re a brand that’s trying to obtain their business – and they’re okay with it if they can get something from your brand.



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