How to Sell More Cars with Multichannel Marketing

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Listen to any marketer and chances are they will have differing advice about how to stay relevant in the automotive sales industry. Some may opt for direct mail marketing over email marketing to sell more cars. Others will tell you to focus all your efforts on internet marketing.

With consumers increasingly turning to their smartphones, tablets and laptops to research buying decisions, it’s hard not to be convinced that the latter would be more accurate.


Yet, studies show that you need to focus on multichannel marketing — targeting consumers wherever their attention turns to at any given time. That means investing in a strong digital experience on your website along with a marketing campaign that includes a mix of direct mail, email and social media.


So you want to learn how to sell more cars using multichannel? Here are the top multichannel trends that can help guide your dealership’s marketing in the right direction.

Direct Mail is Not Dead

According to a recent study by Epsilon, nearly 80 percent of Americans check the mail that comes to their physical mailbox as soon as they pull it out.


And statistics by the U.S. Postal Service revealed that people check their mail every single day. With a well-designed direct mail piece, there’s a good chance you can get consumers’ attention.

Email Remains Strong

Boasting one of the strongest ROI, email should be a central component of any automotive marketing campaign. According to Experian, a company can expect to get a $44.25 average return on their investment for every $1 spent. But here’s where today’s email marketing campaigns are different than those in the past.


With marketing automation that’s designed to tailor messages to the material consumers are most interested in, you can shed the reputation of spamming consumers with emails. You’re giving them what they want.

Millenials are the Largest Generation

According to Pew Research, this is the group that you need to target as this generation just surpassed the baby boomer generation in size — and they’re of driving age.


how to sell more cars - image 2And contrary to some recent studies, they are increasingly in the market for a vehicle. With the economy improving, millennials are now buying cars in increasingly large numbers — but just had a late start, according to a report in Business Insider.


The report showed that millennials bought 4 million cars and trucks, just behind those purchased by baby boomers. That means they accounted for 28 percent of vehicles purchased, according to J.D. Power’s Power Information Network. With that pace, understanding how to market to this group is critical in the coming years — with more attention being paid to social media.


These trends also speak to the need to diversify your marketing efforts — with a heavy emphasis on the digital experience to account for the changes in the way that people browse online before purchasing. That includes taking into account browsing on mobile devices.


The key to pull all these components together is automation through a strong CRM (customer relationship management platform) and integrations that deliver a highly customized experience for your prospect.