How to Generate Car Sales Leads from the Sales you’re Already Making

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Russ Chandler Administrator

It’s been about 50 years since George Silverman first penned the concept of word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) — a phenomenon that can send sales soaring as satisfied customers spread the word about your product, services and brand. Sure, WOMM has been around for a while but it’s more relevant than ever before in today’s digital marketing landscape.


Once you develop a strategy that gets your clients talking about your company, you’re on the way to capturing more solid auto dealer leads from the sales and transactions you’re currently making. According to Nielsen studies, about 92 percent of consumers say they trust the recommendations of their friends and family over any other form of advertising.


While marketing experts realize the power of WOMM (64 percent consider it the most effective marketing strategy), only 6 percent believe they have what it takes to master it.


Your dealership can master WOMM with some guidance; it just takes a little practice.

How To Generate Car Sales Leads



If you regularly engage your prospects throughout the whole buying process, they’re more likely to feel compelled to share their experiences with friends and family.

Their experience on your website and in person should be seamless and engaging from that first introduction to the final sale.


“Their experience on your website and in person should be seamless and engaging from that first introduction to the final sale.”


Take the time to identify barriers that may make car-buying less than a desirable experience. Work on eliminating them throughout your sales process, and you’ll set the foundation for generating more auto leads.





Buying a vehicle, whether used or new, is already an exciting prospect for your consumers. Well, at least it should be. Who doesn’t want to roll around in a newer set of wheels?


Tap into that feeling by making the car buying experience engaging. Build up your brand while making the research experience on your website more personal and fun.


Instead of static boring lead generation forms, use interactive experiences that give your website visitors a quiz or chance to win a bonus.”


Instead of static boring lead generation forms, use interactive experiences that give your website visitors a quiz or chance to win a bonus. It could be about their knowledge of different automobile brands, or a quiz that makes them think about the type of car that best fits them.




Did your prospect just take a fun quiz? Did they go through the whole process of purchasing a vehicle? Make it easy for them to share those special experiences (no matter what they are) with their friends and family on social media.


Your website should automatically provide prompts that encourage your audience to post their news. One thing you might consider is to celebrate when someone purchases a vehicle.


Take photos that you post on your own social media, welcoming them to your family of car buyers. You’ll increase the likelihood that they will share the post with their friends and family; and that, in return, will get them interested in your dealership.




Get conversations started around your brand by giving your audience a reason to talk or share information. It could be news about car models on the horizon, trends with car innovations, or even historical throwback tidbits.


For example, did you know that wearing seatbelts didn’t become “the law” until 1984? Share the history of safety innovations — both old and modern — as content that your followers will likely share.




Reward your brand advocates through a referral program. Let’s say they refer a relative or friend to your auto dealership. Treat them to a free dinner at a local restaurant or provide free oil changes for a year or two. An incentive adds to the positive feelings customers will have toward your brand.


Use these tips as a guide on how to generate car sales leads for your dealership in the future. You’ll be seeing more leads in no time!


But if you really want to see higher conversion rates, then it’s time to consider selecting, implementing and using the right technology to grow your car sales.


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