Rainbows, Butterflies, Sunshine: What We Can Learn From Honda’s Summer #Cheerance Event

By: Felicia Savage

Back in August, my boss Muhammad sent me a link to this video here:

After a 5 minute long “squeeing” session and several replays (I wanna say 20 replays?), I did a bit of snooping and discovered that this video (along with a whole series of videos) were associated with a larger social ad campaign by Honda called the “Summer #Cheerance Event.”

#cheeranceRegardless of whether or not the weeklong event helped sell cars (although I’m pretty sure it did), the campaign was still outrageously successful at achieving the obvious goal of increasing brand awareness and engagement. While other OEM’s do successfully capture the attention of their target market with a variety of emotional overtones, Honda has made an effort to entertain a very broad audience. I’ve likened their strategy to that of “cold-calling,” but the difference is that we can safely assume that most people like happy things and they like to be entertained. Here’s what made the Summer Cheerance campaign so successful:

Honda Brought Cheer To Random People

I’m not entirely sure what tactics Honda used to find these people (Me thinks they followed trending topics?), but there’s no denying how cool it must have been to be the recipient of free game tickets or a free coffee. And what did the recipients of these gifts have to do? Absolutely nothing! Throughout the campaign, Honda was responding to folks on Twitter who seemed like they could use some cheering up. Their conversations had nothing to do with cars, nothing to do with their clearance sale and really, not much to do with Honda. Honda’s “prime directive” was to bring cheer to those who needed it. Period. It didn’t matter who they were.

Now, even though Honda gave some cool stuff away, they also responded to dreary folks with funny & cute videos, memes and other cheery things. Sharing their videos was an even smarter move as this opened up a Pandora’s box of happy. One video would peak the interest of the viewer and soon they would go off looking for more cheerful stuff — which brings me to my next point.

Short, Attention Grabbing Videos

It’s clear that Honda was pretty selective of the video content they chose to publish. Every one of their videos induced very specific emotions. Some videos specifically made you go “Aww!!!!” Other videos made you go “Oh, that is SO cool!” or they just made you laugh. Each video watched results in a positive emotion – but we already knew that!

What’s truly great about these videos is that they aren’t long at all. The videos range anywhere from 25 seconds to 1 full minute. Their goal isn’t so much to interrupt your day as much as it is to gently “tap you on the shoulder” and make you smile. Honda’s goal is to make sure you have a good rest of the day. So, when you’re sitting down at dinner, and someone asks why you’re in such a good mood, you’ll immediately think of Honda.

Honda Gives Back

Along with being kind to its consumers, Honda is exceptionally kind to people in need. No really needs an incentive or reason to look up funny videos on the Internet, but Honda managed to incentivize it anyway. Upon spreading cheerance to 3,000,000 people, Honda promised to donate $100,000 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. So, in a nutshell, the more a consumer views and interactions Honda receives, the more money goes to a great organization. And y’know what? That pretty cool! You watch cool videos and in turn, Honda donates money to a worthy organization. It’s a win-win. And again, when you see a Honda logo or dealership, you’re thinking of the good they did.

Honda’s Summer Cheerance campaign was only a week long, but a wide variety of people interacted with their brand during this time. Because “happiness” or “cheer” is a great equalizer amongst people, Honda gave a little something to everyone! They didn’t force cars on anyone. They didn’t force their brand on anyone. All they wanted to do was make people smile… and they did!

Do you think Honda’s Summer Cheerance campaign will continue to resonate with consumer when they’re looking for a car? Let us know in the comments!