Grumpy Cat vs. Mickey Mouse: Key Takeaways from Day 2 of #DSES2013

By: Felicia Savage

bellagioWe are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Driving Sales Executive Summit in Las Vegas this week. This conference is a must-hit for a company like ours because it’s filled with the most forward-thinking and digitally advanced professionals in the automotive industry. For those of you who aren’t able to attend, we’ll be rounding up the key insights, pictures, and tweets from each day of the Summit and posting them on our blog. If you’re interested in following the Summit in real time, search for #DSES2013 on Twitter.

Key Insights

Driving Sales is Leading the Industry… Again

The Driving Sales organization has been viewed as a thought leader in the auto industry for years, but yesterday they raised the bar for themselves. Yesterday, Driving Sales’ leader Jared Hamilton announced that Driving Sales is introducing an industry-first certification for Digital Marketing Managers through Driving Sales University. This just underlines the importance of digital marketing in the automotive world today. If the sessions we’ve seen emerge at the Executive Summit are any indication, the course will likely cover everything from web to mobile.

Dealers Challenge Yelp Exec.

Dylan Swift, Director of National Marketing at Yelp, opened the morning presentations with ideas on how dealers could leverage the convergence of mobile, local, and social trends to sell more cars. The tech-savvy dealers in attendance were skeptical, not about the core of what Swift was saying, but rather about the core of his company, Yelp. Dealers take issue with the fact that positive reviews and reviews from brand new Yelp users often get flagged and taken down. This is Yelp’s attempt to prevent businesses posting fake reviews. In essence, this is a consumer protection measure that effectively hurts some businesses who aren’t doing anything malevolent. The Driving Sales crowd had a very strong opinion on this, but as challenging as this policy can be for businesses, there is another side to the story. Swift himself admitted that their system isn’t perfect, but they work to improve it every day, but this raises a larger question around Yelp. Would a world where posts are completely unregulated be any better for the consumer or the business? Looks like the Yelp debate will rage on.

Make Your Dealership the Most Magical Place on Earth

Site Leader for Disney Institute West Coast Operations, Bruce Kibrell, gave the most engaging presentation of the day on increasing your dealership’s brand value. Here are a few key insights from Disney that you could apply to your dealership.

  • Disney always hires for cultural fit… attitude over aptitude.
  • Disney doesn’t train employees to do their job, they train them to be brand ambassadors.
  • 85% of consumers leave a location based on a percieved indifference. This is the loyalty effect.

Key Tweets

Because Driving Sales has such a tech-savvy crowd, this event is extremely active on social. Here are just a few of the best tweets throughout day 2, including a shout out to PERQ’s own Muhammad Yasin!








Big Winners

Day two was another big day for winners! We gave away a $1,000 Bellagio chip and, at one point, gave out 12 $100 chips in a row! Here are just a few winners: