Greenbaum Home Furnishings & PERQ Web Engagement

Success Snapshot

2349% ROI IN 60 DAYS




PERQ Increases Web Engagement

Greenbaum Home Furnishings is a family owned furniture store in Bellevue, Washington. Established in 1959, originally as Ken’s Suburban Furniture, it quickly became recognized as one of Bellevue’s top furniture stores.


With accolades like “Best in Bellevue” and “Best Furniture Store” by the Bellevue Reporter, “Best of 425” by 425 Magazine and Angie’s List “Super Service Award,” it’s undeniable that they’re highly regarded as a key player in the Bellevue area.


In April 2017, Greenbaum decided to try out PERQ Web Engagement for the first time. While they were aware that their website was already receiving an extensive amount of traffic, Greenbaum was looking for ways to really leverage that traffic to their benefit.


For starters, they wanted to see if there was a correlation between the traffic they were seeing in-store to the traffic they were seeing on their website. Secondly, they were looking for better and more efficient ways to communicate with their online consumers by learning more about them.

Integrating PERQ,


After 60 days of using PERQ Web Engagement, Greenbaum saw significant changes in customer engagement, lead capture and revenue. However, what really astounded Greenbaum was the type of information that could be collected on their consumers and how the experiences actually drive consumers from the website and into the store.


Certain questions that were asked in the PERQ experiences proved to be quite useful because it allowed Greenbaum’s sales staff to fully prepare for their interactions with their consumers. One question, in particular, “Have you bought from us before?” was crucial for the sales team to ask each consumer going through an experience on their website.


Since Greenbaum Home Furnishings has been around for close to 58 years, it’s extremely possible that many consumers have a history with their store. If a consumer going through an experience indicated this, someone from the team could look up their account and connect them with someone they successfully worked with before. To the Greenbaum staff, it was important for them to know if they were interacting with a warmer lead.

The Results

2349% ROI in 60 Days

During their 60 day review, Greenbaum Home Furnishings attributed 14 sales directly back to PERQ Web Engagement, resulting in a whopping 2349% ROI. These 14 customers all leveraged the interactive experiences on Greenbaum’s website and had no prior interaction with their dealership in the past. Greenbaum saw an average of 5% web visitor-to-lead conversion once fully implemented. In regards to specific experiences, the PERQ Sofa assessment saw a 35% conversion; while the PERQ Design Style assessment saw a 22% conversion.


In addition to seeing tangible revenue connected with PERQ, Greenbaum also noticed a significant increase in “time on site” — going from 4 minutes, 16 seconds to 5 minutes, 2 seconds. A whole 46 seconds longer! This is likely attributed to the increased engagement from the interactive experiences placed on the website.


Even though Greenbaum Home Furnishings had established themselves as a top retailer in the Bellevue area, the integration with PERQ Web Engagement proved that even deeper engagement with consumers was possible — and that their website could be a significant tool for sales and learning more about their consumer base.

“It allows us to be efficient with how we market to consumers. The questionnaires allow us to be a little more laser focused with our marketing efforts so that we’re not bombarding consumers with information that doesn’t really relate to them.”

Jon Greenbaum, Adverstising Manager