How Can Your Dealership Get More attention? Float Like a Butterfly!

By: Courtney Guggenberger

j-1024x690Muhammad Ali was an amazing fighter, a polarizing and controversial public figure, and an entertaining personality.  There have been a number of books and movies produced about his life.  Generally, people are attracted to strong performers.  They levitate towards successful people because they want to be a part of that success.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with getting more attention for your Dealership.  There is a lot we can learn from Muhammad Ali with regards to making your Dealership more magnetic to people in your industry as well as customers and prospects.   Here are a few quick tips to help your Dealership attract more attention like Muhammad Ali.

Don’t always look for the knockout punch

Muhammad Ali was not considered an overpowering puncher, but instead relied on his superior speed and superb reflexes to “float like a butterfly.”  This is how you should approach promoting your Dealership, particularly on Social Media.

You aren’t there to bash people over the head with your sales message, but instead to be agile in your engagements with your customers.  Don’t look for that knockout punch, keep jabbing consistently and frequently.

Jabs have a cumulative effect

Ali was also known as a smart fighter that used all the tools at his disposal to win including his uncanny situational awareness, his speed, and his ability to hit his opponent many times which had a cumulative effect.

You have to be aware of all of your Social Media feeds as well as what content you are choosing to post and whether it makes sense for the people you want to target.  You have to move quickly to address any happy or upset customers so that they (and other people who may be watching your business online) can see that you care for your customers and want to help.  Many interesting posts about a variety of topics that would interest your target demographic over time will lead to more engagement than a single, sales oriented piece a couple of times a month. When you do this, the content stacks and creates value and depth for your brand.

It takes stamina to be the Champ

Ali is the only boxer to ever win the World Heavyweight Championship title three times.  He won it in 1964, 1974, and again in 1978.  He didn’t view being the best as a short term endeavor.  You shouldn’t either.

If you want to gain exposure and stay standing while your competitors get knocked out, you have to take Social Media seriously and stay in it for the long haul.  Constantly thinking of what message you are trying to convey on these sites, will make you stay focused.  The next strategy to employ is posting that great, focused content frequently.  Finally, respond to and engage with customers as quickly as possible whether the feedback is positive or negative.

The way Muhammad Ali boxed is the way we should be doing our Social Media management.  Staying nimble, being aware of the situation, and creating lots of great content “jabs” to build relationships with our target audience will lead to success.  Floating like a butterfly in Social Media will get you noticed in all the right ways.