How to Get Better Automotive Dealer Leads with Software

By: Russ Chandler

Figuring out a buyer’s intent is one of the most challenging issues faced by sales teams, no matter the industry. But perhaps it’s a bit more challenging for automotive sales teams — or any other sales team with high-ticket merchandise. You’re trying to distinguish among prospective buyers who could be ready to buy “now,” several months from now, or even six months to a year down the road.

However, figuring out each buyer’s intent is critical to the sales process. It allows you to tailor messages to people depending upon whether they’re just browsing or looking for a specific model to purchase within a couple of weeks. And, of course, those type of insights allow you to concentrate your efforts in the right way.


That requires combining the right automotive dealer software with the dealership solutions to provide data insights and triggers to boost quality automotive dealer leads and sales.

“Figuring out each buyer’s intent is critical to the sales process.”


Here are the key ingredients you need to get better automotive dealer leads for the car salesmen in your company:


  • A reliable form of finding out where consumers are in the process
  • An incentive for consumers to provide personal contact information
  • A tool that allows you to quickly segment and target prospects who are “ready to buy now” or “ready to buy in 90 days”
  • Consumer data insights that allow you to nurture leads with meaningful and relevant information
  • A comprehensive marketing strategy that allows you to engage with consumers through their preferred platforms, whether email, direct mail, phone or text
  • A proven way to guide consumers to a purchase


Not All Software Tools Produce Great Results


Even if you have software designed to generate leads, it may not be measuring up to your expectations, as one Florida-based dealership recently discovered.


Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln in Daytona Beach realized it had been settling on a “trade-in” tool — primarily to get the job done as far as offering visitors with information about value of their vehicles. It wasn’t until they switched to PERQ’s Trade Appraisal Plus (TAP) that they realized the benefits of using trade in to generate quality auto leads for its car salesmen.

“Within 45 days of implementing TAP, the car dealership gained 87 leads. Of those, 74 percent indicated that they were “ready to buy now.”

Within 45 days of implementing TAP, the car dealership gained 87 leads. Of those, 74 percent indicated that they were “ready to buy now.” The 10 cars sold during that period revealed a 12 percent lead to sales conversion rate.


According to the marketing team, TAP, which is designed to be more engaging and user-friendly, was invaluable in that it gave the dealership more details and insights about each lead — allowing sales reps to have more relevant communications with each consumer.


“With TAP, we’re moving people farther down the buying funnel. Especially when we get buyer profiles,” Troy Lerdo, Internet Director at GYFL said. “When they share all the extra buying information, that’s when we know they’re live.”


Generating quality automotive leads is the first step in the process. And, as GYFL indicated, following up with meaningful conversations with them can give you the extra leverage you need to boost sales.

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