Generating Car Sales Leads: How to Create the Ultimate PERQ Experience

By: Felicia Savage

When it comes to breathing life into consumer experiences, it really doesn’t get much better than PERQ Web Engagement.

In fact, PERQ’s biggest “claim to fame” is its impressive ability to attract and engage with in-market consumers. Although quite impressive on its own, PERQ Web Engagement can be remarkably effective if and when brands continue to build their marketing and customer service strategies around it.

By doing so, they can create an outstanding consumer experience that completely enhances the power of the tool. Here are some great ways your dealership can create the ultimate consumer experience and generate more car sales leads with PERQ Web Engagement:

Full Customization of Online Experience


One of the impactful things PERQ  can do is allow brands to fully customize their online experiences to better fit their brand and help engage consumers. Brands now have the ability to alter site templates, fonts, color schemes, as well as upload their own logos, images and videos.

“By creating a fully branded experience, brands add a level of legitimacy that entices consumers to follow through with the buyer profile completion process.”

More importantly, brands have the ability to customize the way certain questions in the experience are answered. For example: Instead of typing out an answer, consumers could instead select from a drop-down menu or select multiple variables. Not only do they have complete control over how they want their experiences to look, but how they want them to function.


By creating a fully customized experience, brands add a level of legitimacy that entices consumers to complete entire experiences (Trade Appraisals, assessments, quizzes, etc.). And by customizing the way certain questions are answered, brands will receive richer data that can be used when your salesmen finally interact with consumers in-store.


In short, customization directly translates into more car sales leads.


Ask Questions that are Relevant to General Consumer Needs


Another way to create an exceptional consumer experience is to ask questions that are relevant to a general consumer’s needs. Some questions can (or might) include: “What type of vehicle are you looking for?” or “Do you need financial assistance?”


These types of questions are ones that consumers would generally be inclined to answer because they’re assuming that it’ll eventually lead to more information — or even a valuable offer (trade-in offer, discount, etc.).

“If a consumer answer reveals that they’ll be needing financial assistance, that typically means the consumer is looking to move forward with a credit application or payment plan.”

For instance, if a consumer answer reveals that they’ll be needing financial assistance, that typically means the consumer is looking to move forward with a credit application or payment plan.


When dealers receive this type of information via their buyer profile, they can efficiently answer other inquiries down the line and provide offers that are specific to their requests — which leads us to our last point….

Leverage Consumer Data for Customer Interaction


Here at PERQ, when we refer to the “consumer experience,” we’re not just referring to our PERQ Web Engagement.

“When a new contact is generated within your CRM, it’s really only the beginning of the journey.”

We’re discussing every aspect of your interaction with the customer — from the moment a contact and consumer information is generated and passed to your CRM to the moment a consumer becomes paying customer. When a new car sales lead is generated within your CRM, it’s really only the beginning of the journey.


Once a consumer’s information is collected, you can use their unique information to fully customize your interactions with them. For example, if a consumer has never purchased from your establishment before, this would an opportune time to show them your top inventory. As we’ve mentioned previously, catering your interactions to a specific consumer gives you the opportunity to give them precisely what they’re looking for.


Additionally, this will (hopefully) instill feelings of trust and warmth — knowing that they’re being taken care of and not just “sold to.” And as your relationship with that consumer begins to flourish, you can also jot down important feedback within your CRM and save it for later use.


Generate More Car Sales Leads for Your Dealership

Many dealers have discovered that static lead forms and calls-to-action aren’t working to meet their needs anymore. Our solution offers dealers a smarter approach to increase website conversion, collect actionable lead data and increase sales, while improving the overall consumer experience.


PERQ Web Engagement requires no website overhaul or heavy lifting on your end; it’s simple and easy to get up and going. We offer multiple features and tools that take care of all your needs – you won’t have to go anywhere else.


Let’s chat about how we’ve helped other car dealerships grow their businesses, our experience in the automotive industry and how we can help you.