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The REAL Reason Home Furnishings Customers are Leaving Your Website: Engagement!

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Many eCommerce websites really only possess a shopping cart. However, there’s so much more that’s involved with having an eCommerce platform. In order to have a proper eCommerce website, you must have a website platform that makes it easy for online shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, many folks in the home furnishings industry don’t do very well at all.

I speak to many home furnishings retailers about helping them with their marketing, and the first area I review is their website. If their website isn’t informational (meaning, it doesn’t possess resources or products many consumers look for), I explain that spending money to attract and engage consumers is likely to be wasted simply because consumers are trained to search, find and buy with ease. And if your consumers can’t find what they’re looking for, that money is spent in vain.


Often times, I still hear that retailers don’t want to show prices for fear of their competition knowing their pricing — or worse — being show-roomed (going to a brick-and-mortar store to look at a product before buying it online for a cheaper price). Well, it’s not showrooming anymore, it’s “web-rooming,” and if handled correctly, it can be a real asset.

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Statistics have proven that consumers want to buy locally, but if you don’t show your pricing and consumers have the ability to buy it online, then guess what? They buy from someone else and that’s usually the big eCommerce giant.  


The answer to this dilemma is simple. Offer a Price-Matching guarantee. A simple note of “YOU WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD” on the same product/SKU, delivered to the same zip code can have a huge impact. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather make 30% of something than 100% of nothing.

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Lastly, think about this as it pertains to how YOU shop. Here’s a scenario that’s probably familiar: Let’s say  you visit a store, saw something you liked but for whatever reason, you didn’t buy it. Then a week or a month later you decided it was time and wanted to buy it immediately. Would you get back into your car, fight traffic, wait for a salesperson and spend all that time and energy to purchase it, or would you go online to the store, make two-three clicks and be done with it in less than 5 minutes?


In summation, if approximately 32% of all home furnishings purchases are going to be sold online, why wouldn’t you want your business to be part of that statistic?


Sadly, there are many independent retailers that don’t want to participate and that is one major reason why so many home furnishing retailers have lost thousands and thousands of storefronts over the last 10 years. Unless we embrace the reality of change, this trend will only continue.