How to Launch Your First Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

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Russ Chandler Administrator

If it isn’t already obvious, consumers acquire information from a number of different outlets: television, social media, e-mail, radio, newspapers and direct mail. Consumers are bombarded with different messages every day, and sometimes, it can be quite difficult for certain brands to distinguish themselves. So, how does a brand – your dealership, specifically – rise above the noise? Three words: Attack every angle.


Focusing all your time and energy into one specific marketing channel isn’t going to cut it anymore. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever – therefore, it’s crucial for your dealership to remain top of mind. If consumers turn off the TV halfway through one of your commercials, you better make sure they’re being served an ad on social media (if it’s appropriate, of course). It’s called multi-channel marketing and it’s crucial to the success of your dealership. Here’s an overview of how to run a multi-channel campaign:


Find Your Consumers

Before you even begin to think about marketing channels, you first need to figure out who your actual consumers are. Where do they reside? How old are they? What are their hobbies? What are their spending habits? It’s figuring out these types of characteristics that’ll help you decide on what marketing channels are best. You can find your consumer demographics in a variety of ways: looking at buying habits of past consumers, offering surveys to the neighborhood, looking up the demographics of the area, etc.
Oh yeah! Just to be clear: you don’t have to use every marketing channel. Just use the ones that make sense! For example, an older demographic might prefer newspaper, television and just Facebook, while a younger demographic (say the early to mid-20’s) might prefer a channel they can access from their mobile device (mobile apps, social media, browser ads).

Craft Your Message

So you’ve discovered your core demographic and you’ve decided on the appropriate marketing channels. Perfect! Now, it’s time to craft the right message. Obviously, different people like to be communicated to in different ways – but that isn’t all you should think about. Along with providing the best offer for that individual in the best tone, you need to think about the channel you’re crafting your message on. Certain channels only have so much time and/or space allotted to get your message across, so words and imagery should be selected carefully.


Facebook ads (not counting sponsored ones), only allow 25 characters for the title and 90 characters for the body. Not a lot of space, right? Should you choose to focus your efforts on this channel, you’ll need to craft a convincing yet concise message that will attract your desired consumer. This means choosing the best adjectives and offers possible. And even if you’re not thinking digitally, newspaper ads only allow you so much space. Therefore, using certain colors and fonts might keep folks from turning to the next page.

Track & Change

Congratulations! You’ve initiated your first multi-channel marketing campaign. Now what? Well, it turns out the ads you created are just doing “so-so.” There’s some interest in your dealership, but it’s basically the same number of consumers as before. Luckily, there are ways to tweak your campaign! Depending on the channel you’ve selected, you can track how well certain ads have performed with KPI’s like: test drive sign-ups, cars sold, clicks to the landing page or phone calls to the dealership. Whether it’s being done automatically or manually, keep track of all conversions.


If something isn’t working the way you want it to, you can make changes. If one Facebook ad is performing better than another, try combining elements of the two ads. Or, if a newspaper ad isn’t performing well with your target market, you can change the imagery or messaging to better cater to the target market.


In the end, you want to gain a solid understanding of your customers. Speak to them; get to know them and it’ll help your future marketing efforts. If you want to learn more about what social can do for your dealership, schedule a time to chat here or shoot me an e-mail!