Encouraging Buyer Conversation with Dealership Software Solutions

By: Felicia Savage

As you work on revising next quarter’s sales model, you’d be smart to dedicate more attention and resources to your website and dealership software solutions … the digital aspects of your operations.


Why? The car buyer’s journey into the ideal vehicle continues to steadily shift away from your sales team, studies show.

One study conducted by Cisco Systems revealed that customers would rather buy a car — from start to finish — without ever having to talk to a person on the phone or in person.


Out of 1,514 consumers polled in 10 countries, 83 percent said they would prefer purchasing a vehicle without ever having to deal with a person. And they’d be willing to turn over their personal information, including financial data, for the privilege.

How Auto Dealerships are Finding Success


Dealership software solutions, those specifically designed to address the challenges facing the industry, are helping companies engage successfully with potential customers in the digital space. When incorporating a comprehensive software strategy, dealerships are able to get more auto leads, and nurture them toward a purchase.

“When incorporating a comprehensive software strategy, dealerships are able to get more auto leads, and nurture them toward a purchase.”

Like many other dealerships, Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota in Kentucky found it challenging to increase its number of quality inbound leads — the key to providing its sales team the ability to follow through with the final stages of the car buying process.


When one-off solutions produced less than stellar results, they tried a comprehensive auto lead generation tool with PERQ Web Engagement. The team opted for the complete package, including e-Price, trade, special offer and promotions like a $500 special offer and a $250 trade in bonus offer.


The switch from previous software solutions led to a significant in leads. For example, in July 2015, Marshall received 21 leads, five appointments (of which only two actually showed up) and one car sold using Black Book. Using PERQ Web Engagement, Marshall received 272 leads — five times as many trade-in leads in just over two months.


Data collected from the software provided the team invaluable insights: For example, 73 percent of the trade-in had never purchased from Marshall, 80 percent indicated they wanted to follow up on the trade purchase “now,” and 67 percent said they wanted to be contacted via email.


“If it wasn’t for PERQ Web Engagement, those leads would have been lost without them giving us their contact information,” said Kevin Ireland, IT/Marketing Manager.