Furniture Website Marketing

Couple furniture shopping experience on furniture website

The home furnishings industry is an incredibly popular subsector of the retail industry that can include almost anything that you would find in a home. When consumers have disposable money, one of the first things they will do is look to make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable. 

This is true regardless if they rent or own their home,  live in an apartment in the city or live in a multi-acred country home. It is likewise true across life phases. College students going into their freshman year or their first off-campus apartment will need new furnishings to start their own collections and replace what they left behind; couples moving into their first shared space will take some individual furnishings but will also purchase new pieces; parents with a new child will need to add new furnishings and continue replacing furnishings as their child grows. These are just a few of the biggest market segments for furniture business and furniture stores’ target market. 

If you own or operate a home furniture and home furnishings store, then you will be most successful if you know how to attract and market to these consumers during these big phases of life. Building a comprehensive website and implementing furniture website marketing is one of the best, some would argue the best, way of doing so in today’s world. 

But what does it mean to create a comprehensive home furnishing website and how do you create a marketing plan for furniture business? To succeed online, retailers must deliver value in the form of personalized, interactive information that’s relevant to the shopper’s search at that moment. It’s all about personalizing the path to purchase in real-time.

 If furniture retailers can cater to people who are researching, rather than only to those ready to buy, they’ll be in a better position to capture more of those consumers and attract them to the showroom. 

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop that has been doing well already, then you probably already have a specific target market. Maybe it’s marketing to new millennial homeowners, or perhaps it’s focusing on a high-value kitchen and decor furnishings. In either case, you will be starting with some solid furniture marketing ideas that you need to translate to personalized digital experiences. The key is to build your furniture website to deliver personalized experiences to convert online visitors into in-store sales.

Furniture marketing companies, like PERQ have the experience and expertise to help you implement the right tools to turn your furniture website into a: 

  • Lead generator 
  • Gauge of target audience’s behavior
  • Data-rich source

Furniture marketing companies will assist in creating an easy to navigate website that both best displays your products and incorporates the right type and right amount of SEO content to ensure that your brand rises to the top in relevant search engine results.

Digital Marketing for Furniture Business

Couple searching online - digital sales

The home furniture and home furnishing industry was among the last to see a high uptick of consumers going online, most certainly due to the very physical nature of this industry. It wasn’t until recently that website providers amped up their game. With huge technological improvements, the cost for a home furnishing retailer to build and maintain a website has dropped dramatically, while the options for a better experience for the consumer has improved.

When it comes to creating a great website experience for furniture shoppers, you need to do more than just throw an inventory list on your website. Online marketing tools for furniture, like those offered by PERQ, can transform your website into a second showroom by giving visitors a preview of the in-store experience that can guide them along to relevant information on your site.

Furniture retailers can also use websites to deliver personalized services not available in the store that help online shoppers narrow down their choices.

With the help of a third-party provider, you can integrate personalized experiences that assist consumers with their research and push them down the purchasing funnel to lead them into your showroom. Some examples of online marketing tools for furniture include:

  • Interactive research tools
  • Assessments 
  • Calculators
  • Quizzes 
  • Chat functionality

Additionally, an online furniture retailer or a retailer who is trying to engage with consumers online cannot forget about the power of social media for furniture business. Social media for furniture business is a critical component of an overall digital marketing strategy—and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to be effective.

Digital Marketing for Furniture Business

The best furniture advertising campaigns and furniture campaign ideas are focused on giving your consumers more ways to interact with your furniture website. This will offer an improvement in leads along with valuable consumer data that you can match to in-store data. 

So who decides which are the best furniture advertising ideas? Your target market. For example, maybe instead you decide your target audience is new college graduates and 20 to 30-something professionals—if not for your entire website, at least for your next segment of online furniture advertising campaigns. Once you have chosen this audience, you and your marketing team can start brainstorming the best furniture advertising ideas as you craft them around what that audience wants. 

One of the great things about digital advertising is that you can target very granularly based on demographic, interests, search intent, location, and so much more. There might be a segment you’re not thinking of that’s actually resulting in a great conversion rate.

How Do Furniture Stores Stay in Business

Many home furnishing retailers struggle to convert website visitors into consultations with their team, and ultimately into sales. So, how do furniture stores stay in business? They have an excellent furniture business strategy that they employ on their website. 

So the answer to “how to run a successful furniture store,”  isn’t simple. For real results, your website needs  defined processes to engage visitors, increase their time on your website, to create leads, and sell stuff.

A website needs to be your number one salesperson, or silent salesperson, and as such must act like one. It needs to help the consumer find what they are looking for and it needs to be done quickly and efficiently, especially when it comes to a mobile experience.

The goal of your website is to create actionable leads, helping people looking to buy furniture find what they want and buy it from you. If you don’t create that environment, your website just becomes a picture album with some pricing. 

Power the consumer experience from start to finish with online marketing tools that assist with elements such as: 

  • Marketing intelligence
  • Lead nurture
  • Website conversion
  • Traffic growth
  • Lead management

If you’re looking for tips on how to increase sales in the furniture business, then interactive tools are the answer. And if you want innovative ideas for furniture business, look no further than PERQ’s marketing cloud.