Furniture Store CRM


In today’s era, there are more demands placed on furniture store and retail shop managers than ever before. Between attending to the needs of customers, assisting employees, procuring inventory, and finding new business partners, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all of these tasks. This is where CRM (customer relationship management) software can be helpful. When looking at CRM software for home furnishing stores, there are several benefits that you should keep in mind. With the help of a CRM, home furnishing retailers can:


  • Increase their efficiency when it comes to data management on customers and clients
  • Ensure that employees are able to communicate easily across multiple departments and teams
  • Encourage employees to hold themselves accountable and take greater responsibility for each client who comes into the store
  • Drastically improve the experience of customers who come and visit the store
  • Improve the reporting and analytic capabilities of the store


When looking at furniture store software programs, there are plenty of options from which to choose; however, as experts in the home furnishings industry, PERQ can be a viable option for home furnishing retailers. With PERQ home furnishings software, furniture stores will be able to drastically improve the efficiency of numerous processes ensuring that furniture stores are able to maintain a major edge on their competition. Some of the major benefits of using PERQ CRM software include:


  • Furniture stores will be able to store all of their data from every lead in a CRM database that is accompanied by a detailed consumer history
  • Retail furniture stores can access all of their leads with the push of a button from any device in any location at any time
  • Managers will be able to make sure that every lead is assigned to a sales specialist to ensure no opportunities are missed
  • Filter leads based on demographics, interests, or countless other factors
  • Color-code leads depending on where they are located in the sales funnel to ensure employees and managers know who they need to follow-up with first
  • See which leads have requested more information and are still waiting for a response from the store
  • Communication with each customer can be personalized with the help of customized templates
  • Communicate with customers via text or email, tailoring the responses to meet the individual desires of each customer
  • All communications with customers can be logged in a helpful database, allowing furniture sales teams to quickly and easily access this information when they reach out to them in the future
  • Create custom reports that support the home furnishing sales process and help drive the right sales behavior with your team


With the help of a home furnishings CRM, furniture stores are able to increase the amount of revenue they generate by converting online users into in-store traffic. Employees can quickly take a look at the information the store has on a customer and tailor his or her experience to meet his or her individual needs. A CRM can help furniture and retail stores build stronger relationships with each customer, leading to higher conversion rates, greater custom acquisition numbers, and stronger retention rates. The CRM, or sales up system, can help furniture stores maintain a strong edge on the competition.


Retail Management System

FurnitureStoreCRM | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

When it comes to setting up retail systems for sales, there are multiple steps that need to be considered in order to convert a lead into a sale. When looking at the types of retail systems, there are several components that have to be present in order to be effective. Some of the most important parts of a furniture sales system include:


  • In-Market Leads: One of the first steps is lead prospecting. This is the process of collecting data from your website and seeing who might be interested in purchasing furniture. This is one of the most important components of furniture retail systems.
  • Qualifying Leads: Once the in-market leads have been captured, it is time to qualify them. Based on their responses, leads can be color-coded using the PERQ furniture sales system. This type of furniture data is important because it helps sales teams prioritize which leads are stronger and are ready to convert.
  • Research and Present: Based on how warm the lead might be, it is time to research their desires and pair them with products that meet their needs. This is another area where a comprehensive sales system can be helpful. It is easy to sort information from each lead and make sure they are provided with the right products based on their home furnishing lead information. In fact, PERQ is able to provide personalized instructions via email to the shopper based on their preferences once they schedule a consultation.
  • Close the Deal: Finally, the deal has to be closed. By taking a look at the helpful furniture data that is stored in the database, sales professionals can tailor their responses to meet the individual desires of each lead, increasing the conversion rate.


While all sales systems are going to have this component, it is important to go with a retail up system from an organization that knows the home furnishings industry. The furniture sales up system from PERQ makes it easier to organize both leads and sales professionals. Some of the benefits of the furniture sales up system from PERQ include:


  • All of the relevant information from potential customers can be stored and filtered easily by numerous categories
  • The sales up system will keep the sales teams organized, ensuring that they know when it is time for them to interact with a client
  • It is easy to view reports and analytics based on a variety of metrics, ensuring that the right sales behavior is being driven
  • All reports can be customized to meet the needs of the viewers
  • The sales up system can be used to identify new opportunities that might be available


These are just a few of the many benefits that come from using this advanced furniture sales system from PERQ. With the right system, it is easy to organize all of the information on every potential client, ensuring that sales professionals know when it is their turn and how they can most efficiently convert that lead into a sale. Furthermore, this system can be used to automate many processes, saving a tremendous amount of time and money that can be pumped back into the business. To learn more about the PERQ system and how it can help you boost your sales numbers and increase your conversion rates, contact us today! We would be happy to help you.