Apartment rental leads

Everything you need to know about managing and generating apartment leads.

Multifamily communities have found themselves swamped with an increase in online traffic and online leads. Consumer buying habits have gradually changed in the last decade towards automation and instant gratification. This path is also being followed by the next generation of renters, Generation Z. Gen Z has grown up with the digital world and expects an online presence from businesses no matter what, big or small.

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These factors, along with the pandemic forcing more people to do things virtually, has created more apartment lease leads from multifamily property websites. This dramatic increase has led to leasing teams having to sift through all different kinds of leads while answering prospect questions, giving tours, and keeping residents happy. The multifamily industry isn’t always one to embrace new technology. It tends to happen at a slower pace. But with the current situation, multifamily properties have found themselves needing a solution for better lead management and more.


Leasing AI and virtual leasing has really taken off in recent years. Virtual leasing is a must nowadays because of the need for virtual touring. Leasing AI has been met with more skepticism due to cost and not knowing if it will help in the end. There are a lot of chatbots and AI Assistants out there. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant can help onsite teams with the influx of leads, keep prospects engaged, and increase your website traffic and lead to lease conversion numbers. Let’s dive into how an AI Leasing Assistant can help improve your operational efficiencies and be a worthy investment.

Rental Leads Increase Dramatically

An influx of possible tenant leads from your website is a lot for leasing teams. Especially since it can be hard to sift through and find the quality leads who are serious about leasing. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant lives on your website and collects insightful data from prospects while it engages with them through the chatbot.

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The difference with PERQ’s chatbot is that it is a natural language bot and not rule-based. Rule-based bots give prospects questions with answers already picked out and they must go through each question in order to get what it is they are looking for. This takes more time and can be frustrating to rental prospects as some of those questions aren’t relevant to what their needs are.

Natural language chat bots like PERQ’s don’t use this sort of prompt. Prospects can chat with the bot and ask questions like they would to a leasing specialist or as if they are texting one. This is much quicker and more satisfying for prospects as it answers their questions immediately and they don’t have to go through different prompts and end up with the possibility of not having an answer. The prospect stays on your website longer and looks at more pages as the AI Leasing Assistant is more engaging and interactive than others on the market. Let’s get into how this then helps leasing agents.

Apartment Rental Agent Can focus on Qualified Leads

With the AI Assistant on the site, answering prospect questions 24/7 and collecting better data on them, leasing specialists can focus on only qualified leads and keeping residents happy. The AI Assistant only hands off leads that are ready to talk, tour, or lease. It handles all of the rest so that the leasing team doesn’t have to split their work hours trying to nurture trash leads.


Better lead management with a renters database that is easy to use leads to an increase in website traffic and leads to lease conversions as the conversations and overall experience for prospects is more personalized to their needs. Unified Residential increased their website conversion by 3X in the first 60 days with PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant. The results speak for themselves and Unified Residential has seen growth in their lead to lease conversion as well.


How can the leasing team only focus on qualified leads? What about lead nurture further down the pipeline? The AI Leasing Assistant handles all the follow-up and gives the leasing team access to all the conversations it has had with a lead so they can get the full picture of what it is they are looking for. What’s different about PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant is that the follow-up can be personalized to your brand colors and brand voice. While this generation is used to automation, automation that is more put together and less robotic in feel is how you stand out in their inboxes. The AI Assistant knows when to pull back as well so if a lead is moving in 3 months it won’t bombard their inbox and annoy them. It knows when to send a message and when to stop.

How to Generate Leads for Apartments

Generating leads for apartments comes down to having a website that is optimized for search engines and engaging. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of digital marketing. The majority of rental prospects are using search engines and the internet to find their next home. Getting your multifamily property website higher up on the search page is important to generate more leads.

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SEO uses the practice of keywords and phrases to bring visibility to websites. Knowing what keywords your rental prospects are using to search for their next unit is the first step. The next is using those keywords in your website copy. The landing page and other pages need to have these keywords scattered throughout. Since there isn’t a lot of copy on these kinds of pages, having a blog is one way to gain that visibility and rank higher up than your competitors.


Businesses that blog have over 50% more monthly visitors and online leads because they have more content in which Google or other search engines can find those keywords in. Apartment related content is huge with Gen Z and with other multifamily professionals. You can create blog posts on how to send a maintenance request, moving day tips, decorating advice specific to your apartment units, and recaps of resident and neighborhood events.


A visible website that is engaging will also generate more leads. The AI Leasing Assistant not only makes your website more engaging by talking to prospects 24/7 but it collects better data, has personalized follow-up, and knows when a lead is ready to be handed off to a leasing specialist. To learn more about the AI Assistant you can talk to one of our specialists.