[E-Guide] The Benefits of Running a Multi-Channel Promotion1 min read

Felicia Savage Administrator
Felicia Savage is a Content Marketing Specialist and Online Community Builder at PERQ, an engagement technology company that focuses on helping brands generate excitement, educate their consumers, and provide shopping assistance to their consumers using interactive experiences. Follow her @KittyHasFleaz!

Over the past few weeks, you’ve heard us talk in-depth about what multi-channel promotions are and how to run them. However, you might still be curious about the astonishing benefits multi-channel promotions can provide to your dealership. Given the number of brands, big and small, leveraging multi-channel, it’s safe to say that it’s becoming a pretty crucial aspect of many brand’s marketing strategies.


In our latest e-guide, “The Benefits of Running a Multi-Channel Promotion,” PERQ’s own Client Success Director, Stephanie Thompson, will walk you through the some of the most important reasons for running a multi-channel promotion:


  • Reaching more consumers
  • Cohesive Branding & Messaging
  • Easier Follow-up


We’ll also walk you through how to kick-off and run your own multi-channel promotion!


To learn more about multi-channel promotions, download our latest e-guide here!

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