DSES Breakout Session: “Dealer-First Solutions to Digital Marketing” with Mark Conner

By: Felicia Savage

The first breakout session I attended at today’s DSES was by Mark Conner & Lance Schafer of Lotlinx. During the session, Mark & Lance discussed the evolution of dealership marketing over the past few decades and provided tips for what goals dealerships should be setting and what aspects of digital marketing they should be allocating their dollars in.


Here were the 3 key takeaways from their presentation, “Dealer-First Solutions to Digital Marketing:”

1. Set Goals

What is it that you want consumers to do on your website? Do you want them to view your VDPs? Do you want them to go through a trade experience? Whatever it is you want your consumers to do, you need to set a concrete, quantifiable goal so that you’re able to make actionable changes to your marketing budget and overall marketing strategy.

2. Analyze Your Traffic

It’s important to understand where your traffic is coming from. Is it primarily coming from organic traffic? What about paid advertising? By analyzing your traffic, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of strategies you need to build.

3. Optimize Marketing Spend

Once you have a thorough understanding of your marketing goals and you understand where your website traffic is coming from, you can develop your strategy and therefore, allocate the appropriate funds to the appropriate marketing channels: PPC, email marketing, etc.

Key Takeaway (Conclusion)

Back in the day, marketing oldies were often put towards television ads, newspaper ads and direct mail. Although those mediums still hold value, digital marketing holds a tremendous amount of value as more and more consumers are conducting their research online.

Photos from the Session



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