DrivingSales Executive Summit – Day 2 Recap

By: Felicia Savage

Day 2 of DSES was even more jam-packed than the previous day. Between back-to-back breakout sessions and keynote presentations, the amount of learning at the conference was beyond compare. Just like Day 1, I had the opportunity to listen in on some of the best automotive sessions at the conference. Here’s a brief recap of the keynote and breakout sessions I covered on Day 2 of DSES:

DSES Keynote: The Millennials are Coming, by Kristen Hadeed


Day 2 of DSES kicked off nicely with a keynote by entrepreneur and author, Kristen Hadeed. Kristen realizes that Millennials (people born between the 1980s to early 2000s) have become and continue to be the primary customers in a number of different industries.


Along with being the primary customers, they’re also becoming the primary employees in a number of different organizations. Like each “generation” before them, Millennials regularly possesses specific characteristics that have an impact in the workplace — sometimes good and sometimes bad.


In her morning keynote, The Millennials Are Coming, Kristen went over 3 major components that every business should possess in order to foster a comfortable and efficient work environment.



DSES Breakout Session: “Ask Less, Get More: You’re Trying to Do Too Much with Your Website” with Eric Giroux

The first breakout session I attended on the 2nd day of DSES was presented by Eric Giroux, Sr. Product Manager at Dealer Socket. In his DSES session, Eric discussed the importance of having a clean, simple and easy-to-navigate dealership website. All too often, dealership websites fall into bad habits that make the online consumer experience less than stellar.


Here were the key takeaways from Eric Giroux’s DSES presentation, Ask Less, Get More: You’re Trying to Do Too Much with Your Website.



DSES Keynote: “The Future of Search” with Michael King (@iPullRank)

The second keynote session I attended on Day 2 of this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit was presented by the incomparable Michael King, founder of digital marketing agency, iPullRank in New York City. In his keynote presentation, Michael King provided attendees with valuable insights on the current state of search marketing as well as where it’s likely to go.


Here were a few of the things Michael went over in his keynote presentation, The Future of Search.



DSES Breakout Session: “More Consumer Data + Sales Motivation” with Jenny Vance

The final breakout session I attended on Day 2 of the DrivingSales Executive Summit was presented EVP of Sales, Jenny Vance. Presenting alongside Jenny was Dealer Principal of Krieger Ford, Chris Thomas; who provided further insight and validation to Jenny’s talking points.


In her presentation, Jenny discussed the importance of optimizing your sales team so that they’re in the best possible position to be successful in their communication with prospective customers.


Here were the 3 BIG takeaways from Jenny & Chris’ presentation, More Consumer Data + Sales Motivation.


Also, FYI… you can watch Jenny’s full presentation here: