DrivingSales Executive Summit – Day 1 Recap

By: Felicia Savage

Day 1 of this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit was chock full of amazing presentations and great networking opportunities. I had the immense privilege of listening in on some of the best and brightest in the automotive and marketing industries. You might have noticed that I’ve been live blogging a number of the sessions that I sat in on. Here’s a brief recap of the keynote and breakout sessions I covered on Day 1 of DSES:

DSES Keynote: Jared Hamilton, CEO & Founder Of DrivingSales

Kicking off this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit is Jared Hamilton, CEO & Founder of DrivingSales. In the opening keynote, Jared encourages dealerships to push for optimal performance even when things are going well.

Here were the 3 takeaways from his presentation, Pushing Performance When Things Are Already Good.



DSES Breakout Session: “Dealer-First Solutions To Digital Marketing” With Mark Conner


The first breakout session I attended at today’s DSES was by Mark Conner & Lance Schafer of Lotlinx. During the session, Mark & Lance discussed the evolution of dealership marketing over the past few decades and provided tips for what goals dealerships should be setting and what aspects of digital marketing they should be allocating their dollars in.


Here were the 3 key takeaways from their presentation, Dealer-First Solutions to Digital Marketing.


DSES Keynote: “The Power Of Your Physical Location In A Digital World” With David R. Bell


The last Keynote speaker of the day was Professor David R. Bell; an expert in consumer shopping behavior. In his presentation, David introduces us to the BOSS model — essentially a series of principles or characteristics that define consumer behavior online and offline. Even though consumers spend a good portion of their time online, it’s the consumer’s experience that defines how they respond to your marketing.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the BOSS model.