How to Double Your Newspaper’s Q3 Revenue – A Webinar Recap

By: Courtney Guggenberger

Fall is approaching and with it, the beginning of a new school year. While it feels like only the pencil industry gets a back-to-school boost, autumn can be a great time for you to increase your newspaper’s revenue.Fall Sports Magazine


Does your paper currently do business with your local high schools? Little Leagues? Have you thought about working with your local schools to create their Fall Sports Magazines? Last week, we hosted a webinar to discuss how your paper can take advantage of our Fall Sports Magazine promotion, happening in July and August. Here are some key takeaways that you can use to boost your paper’s revenue as the leaves start to fall.

Use Our Free Fall Sports Magazine Template

Creating a magazine for your local high school or little league can be pretty taxing on your designer. They’ll need to create a multi-page spread, price ads, and get a template printed before you even start selling advertisements.


This is why we created a Fall Sports Magazine Template that’s completely free for you to use. This template can be used as a guide. Simply fill-in the InDesign file that we send you and send the print-ready file back to us! This easy-to-use template provides a sports magazine layout, suggested ad rates, and editorial space. Use this template as you please!


Know What Advertisers to Target

Now that you have your template, it’s time to sell ads. Who makes an ideal advertiser for a fall sports magazine?


Think of advertisers that appeal to both parents and athletic programs- such as doctor’s offices, athletic clubs and booster clubs in your local market. You can also target student-centric advertisers such as photographers who specialize in high school senior photos. This is a great opportunity for photographers in your community to advertise in a print piece that has a large circulation with the perfect target market.


Know Who Should Write the Editorial

The fall sports magazine template provides opportunity for your local high school football captain, elementary principal or even the team mascot to provide a short editorial and introduction in the magazine. Make sure to think outside the box and have fun with this! You could even ask a community icon or well-known subject to write the editorial.


Know Where to Sell Itcash back

In addition to inserting the magazine into your paper or selling the magazine directly to your local high school, you can make additional revenue by selling the magazine at games, in local coffee shops or at local churches related to the featured school. Don’t forget about booster clubs or PTOs as well.


What To Do Next?

Are you interested in learning more about our special promotion happening in July and August? Visit to get special pricing, the Fall Sports Magazine flipbook, and the webinar recording. AND – ask how you can get 2% cash back on any order of $3,000 or more!


If you are ready to start selling, contact us today and get the InDesign files!