Don Johnson Auto Group Scores with FATWIN Promotion

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DSC_2975Don Johnson Auto Group is a fourth generation, family-owned dealership with three locations all based out of Wisconsin. Since 1935, Don Johnson’s has been providing excellent sales and service to their customers. One thing that sets them apart from other dealerships is that they’re extremely community oriented and their entire brand is built on trust. They wanted to run a promotion that would bolster that trust within their community. By running an effective, trustworthy promotion that rewarded their customers  , they knew that they would increase the effectiveness of all of their advertising moving forward. Still, they needed a solution that would send just the right message to their community.

The solution Don Johnson Auto Group landed on was a FATWIN promotion. With $500 worth of guaranteed prizes and a list of insured prizes, they were confident that FATWIN would be the perfect solution to make sure their promotions got more attention. However,  when local car shopper, Kyle Walker, won FATWIN’s progressive jackpot at  their dealership,  the team had no idea how much more attention they would end up receiving.

Don Johnson’s went on to have one of the best months of publicity in their over 75 year history. After Kyle Walker’s big win, customers flocked to Don Johnson’s; clamoring about the big giveaway. Everyone from their GM to their sales and their service staff were  receiving phone calls and text messages from friends and family asking about the big giveaway.  As a result, Don Johnson’s received 70 actionable leads from the promotion without spending a dime on paid advertising. The media loved them; social media loved them, and Kyle Walker especially loved them.

Even better was the confidence and peace of mind that this promotion brought to Don Johnson’s GM, Josh Johnson. Josh can rest assured knowing the next time he runs a promotion, the community will take notice.

“Awarding a check for over $12,000 to a FATWIN contestant in front of our local news media not only legitimized the FATWIN games, but also helped our dealerships gain credibility in the community we serve,” said Josh, “And for the dealerships, we’re able to gather valuable leads and purchase intent information while engaging—and entertaining—our customers and prospects.”

To find out more about how Don Johnson’s Auto Group was able to leverage FATWIN for their dealership, download our Progressive Jackpot case study here.