Don’t be a Laughingstock: 4 Tips For Designing a Cohesive Marketing Campaign

5 min read

It’s the weekend and you just got invited to a really cool, exclusive party. You get dressed up and prep yourself for your smooth entrance. You show up to the party, the valet parks your car, you walk into the building just like you planned…. And you look down and realize that you’re wearing mismatched clothing.


Just like you wouldn’t want to step into a room with clothes that don’t match, you don’t want to present a marketing campaign that isn’t united. Having a cohesive marketing campaign will make your brand more legitimate for consumers, and create a sense of connectivity and brand awarenessby syncing up your marketing channels.


To help you fuse your messaging, here are a few things to look for before you even think about executing.

Research, Research, Research

Find out what’s going on both internally and externally. Can you use a relevant event or hot industry news to create a cohesive campaign that makes a splash? Find out what your competitors are doing and strategize a way to do it better.


“Know your select target market and what audience you’re trying to reach for each campaign.”


Know your select target market and what audience you’re trying to reach for each campaign. Use those personas to start crafting targeted messaging across multiple channels.

Make Note Of What Marketing Channels You’re Using For Any Given Campaign

Use that information to start developing your strategy. Which channels and tactics are going to be most effective for any given topic and overarching campaign?


If your consumer primarily stays away from digital, then cut back on that or find ways to slowly start integrating them into other channels.


AIDA—Yes You Learned This In School, And Yes It’s Just As Important Now

Picture the AIDA funnel in your head as you start strategizing your campaign plan: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. No matter where your consumer comes in on the funnel timeline, they should be able to walk through all of the steps at any given time to ultimately end up at your call to action stage.


In basic terms, you need to know what your end goal is with every campaign and how you can get the select people you want to actually get there.

Don’t Just Sell. Educate!

Consumers and businesses don’t always want to hear about what you’re selling. We get it, you’re a company that wants to make a profit. So does everyone else in the world.


Instead, craft your message to educate why something is important, why it has value to me, and why it matters. Educate your audience about a topic that they can relate to, and then tie it back to your company’s products and services.


Marketers are storytellers—and stories need to come full circle: beginning, middle, and end. Use your talents to craft a cohesive story with your messaging sprinkled in at the appropriate plot points.


“Use your talents to craft a cohesive story.”


At the end of the day, cohesiveness is key. Your brand is your reputation, and you don’t want to show up at the party in mismatched clothing.


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