Dealer Tips: How to Nail Reputation Management

By: Russ Chandler

Reputation Management from PERQ on Vimeo.

How do you know what kinds of things your customers are saying about you? How do you track your relationships with customers? How do you find out about customer satisfaction? There is one very effective way to obtain answers to all of these questions. Customer reviews.

Customers Will Review

Sometimes reviews are overlooked because businesses believe that it’s too difficult or tricky to get customers to review a product or service and then collect that information. However, most of the time, customers will be happy to review a product or service if they are simply asked to do so. And sometimes you don’t even need to ask! Customers tend to review things if they loved a product or experience or hated. Both types of reviews are useful to you. Just look at websites like Yelp! and Angie’s List: they’re full of unsolicited reviews. But, while these sites can be useful tools, they are not the best option.

Encourage Customers to Review on Your Site

If a customer is reviewing your business or a product that you sell anywhere on the Internet, you want it to be on your site. That way you can have a way to contact them. When they post a review to your site, make sure to gather their email, address, or phone number, and then you can build a relationship with them. The same is true for social media. Make sure to reach out in the right way to anyone who reaches out to you. This is the way to build relationships and gain trust.

Turn Reviews Into Customers

When a customer posts a review to your site, it is an opportunity for you to reach out to them. Right any wrongs that your customer lists in his or her review (if they had a negative experience). Also, try to reach out to the people who post positive reviews in order to make sure they come back. If they post a good review, they’ll probably come back anyway, but you have an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with a customer that is already happy with you.