Dealer Software: How to Choose What Delivers the Best ROI

By: Felicia Savage

Selecting auto dealer software that helps you hit your sales goals is a personalized process. To use an obvious analogy, it’s sort of like buying a car. For some car buyers, fuel economy trumps premium features. However, whatever vehicle — or in this case, dealer software you decide upon — it should at least get you from point A to point B.

When making the final selection of a dealership software that delivers the best ROI, you need to take into consideration the following factors:


1. Does it generate quality leads?
2. Does it provide detailed data insights?
3. Is it user-friendly?


Without those three basic requirements, you could end up with a tool that fails to deliver the ROI you’re going after — whether it’s just not up to the job of providing enough details for your team to follow upon or it’s too complex for your team to use on a regular basis.

“Without those three basic requirements, you could end up with a tool that fails to deliver the ROI you’re going after.”

How to get the most out of your dealer software

At PERQ, we’ve come across quite a few auto dealerships that had resigned themselves to tools that were included as part of an overall package — but weren’t actually working for them.


Court Street Ford, a dealership based in Illinois, was using a trade-in tool as something that was nice to offer consumers. They were missing out on the opportunity to use trade-in inquiries as a way to gain leads, until they started using the tools within PERQ’s online guided shopping experience.


“After implementing the software, 25 percent of Court Street Ford’s digital sales came from PERQ engagement.”


After implementing the software, 25 percent of their digital sales came from PERQ’s software. Because of the large volume of quality leads (63 indicated they were ready to “buy now”) they were receiving from using the tool, they also had to develop new strategies to handle them. For Wes Sproul, a Court Street Ford manager, PERQ also offered an easy-to-use way for his team to generate leads.


“Black Book was hard to find and get through,” he said. “Trade Appraisal Plus was easy – it’s more of a step-by-step process.”


When selecting car dealership software, also look for features like CRM integration, lead filtering (lead segmentation), and support for art and design. It’s also essential that your tool offers simplified reporting so that you can easily track your results.


An investment in dealer software should be a step that leads to clear ROI. When researching, ask vendors for case studies that provide details on the type of results other clients are receiving.


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