Culture Club May Events

By: Brooke Kovanda

Each month, the PERQ Culture Club is bringing games and events full of pizzazz to shake up the workday. Read on to learn more about the events going on this month! But first — let’s start with a riddle….
On an archaeological dig, the frozen remains of a man and a woman are found. Immediately, the archaeologists realize that the remains are those of Adam and Eve. Why? (See answer below)

Answer: Because the two bodies were missing something that only Adam and Eve would be missing- belly buttons!

The Culture Club has some new events going on this May! As part of the club’s initiatives to get everyone in the office participating in fun, easy games that don’t take up a huge time commitment, PERQ is introducing some brand new challenges in the months ahead to its employees.


To give people in the office a little boost during the week, each week will feature a May Minute Mystery, along the lines of the one above. PERQ employees will have one week to figure out the answer to the given riddle or mystery. Depending on the complexity of the riddle, employees will have a chance to ask either Yes or No questions, or will receive additional clues throughout the week. If they answer correctly, they will receive a space on the Game of PERQ.


So far, the mysteries have been a smashing success!



Bicycle donations piling up in PERQ’s lounge area.

Just before the end of April, the Culture Club also hosted a company-wide bike collection for Freewheelin’ Community Bikes in Indianapolis.


The event culminated in a pitch-in barbecue in PERQ’s Players Lounge. Each spring, PERQ holds a biking event to honor the memory of employee Neil Kelty. Dozens of bikes, helmets, and other supplies were collected to assist Freewheelin’s youth development program that “uses bicycles in many ways to capture kids’ interest, engage them in activities that teach them life skills, good health habits and leadership.”


Because May in Indianapolis means the Indy 500, PERQ piggybacks onto this event by holding their own PERQ 500 event. The Green and Purple teams will be facing off against each other to see who can accumulate the most miles walked in the month of May. PERQ employees are encouraged to send in the distance they walk each day, and it will be added to each team’s total. It’s been a tough competition to hold, seeing as how so far the month of May has been very rainy.


Leaderboard for the PERQ 500


Right now, Purple Team leads the race, logging 893 miles! The Green Team is at 522 miles. The team who logs the most miles by May 31st will have each team member receive a space on the Game of PERQ!


Said Senior Product Manager Rachel Kilroy in her words of encouragement to her Purple Team, “Keep freaking everyone out with your office workouts.”
Finally, the Culture Club wants to remind all its employees not to take life too seriously. They are introducing “Bathroom Fun” this month, in which employees are encouraged to submit funny memes, lists, pictures, and other material to the Marketing Team so that the material can be printed and hung in the bathrooms!
As the months go on, the Culture Club hopes that employees become increasingly excited about coming to work. These special events contribute to the work-hard/play-hard atmosphere that makes PERQ so special. Be sure to thank and congratulate Culture Club in the months ahead on their successful events and celebrations! It takes a lot of work to pull this stuff off, and their hard work and dedication to the company is much appreciated.