Go Loco for Cohesive Marketing: Why Taco Bell Gets a Big Thumbs Up

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taco bellIf you’ve been following our cohesive marketing campaign series you should know by now what makes a cohesive marketing campaign and how one should be executed. To help put all of your new—or refreshed—knowledge into perspective, here’s an example of a company that runs cohesive marketing campaigns well.

Taco Bell (and no I’m not biased because I like it) does a great job of executing their marketing strategy. Here’s why:

Taco Bell Creates & Curates Creative Content Across All Channels

Because Taco Bell understands their target audience (engaged millennials) they are better able to create and find compelling content that speaks to their consumer. In the case of millennials, social media and visual sharing platforms are perfect for syncing messaging, while an older demographic might be more interested in news stories, newspaper columns, or direct mail pieces. Understanding your audience is essential for distributing your message. You don’t want it to fall on deaf ears.

Taco Bell Creates an Experience for their Customers

The dynamic team behind Taco Bell’s marketing presence go above and beyond to create an experience for their consumers. Planning product launches around big events or a promotional campaign are great ways to create lasting impressions and distribute important updates. Taco Bell played this well when they gave their social insiders the opportunity to try Doritos Locos tacos prior to the big launch. This created a huge online buzz. Taco Bell also uses something as simple as great customer service and positive branding to give consumers the same uplifting experience both online, in store, and across all marketing channels.

Taco Bell Engages with Fans & Brands

Engaging with your consumer is key, and it also happens to be one of the most important aspects of Taco Bell’s strategy. Real-time engagement with fans, consumers, and even other brands or businesses in your industry will position your organization as one that cares about your customers and other relevant topics. And if you do it right your company can even be seen as a thought leader to your consumers and competitors. Currently, Taco Bell is running a campaign around ways to ask someone to homecoming using Taco Bell. The topic of the campaign is relevant to their audience, time of year, and is featured on a visual platform like Snapchat—while also being promoted across other channels. They engage with fans involved in the campaign and promote their brand as a solution.

Some advice: you shouldn’t send out social media posts or promotional items or any marketing message as part of your campaign and not engage with consumers when they react to it, whether positively or negatively. Being proactive in your conversations is essential to drawing your campaign together and making a lasting impression.

Taco Bell’s unique, engaging, and innovative approach to their marketing campaigns is the best way to tell their story in a cohesive way. Taco Bell has figured out their cohesive marketing campaign strategy, now it’s your turn.

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