Car Sales Tips and Tricks: 10 More Micro-Moments

By: Brooke Kovanda

Micro-moments permeate consumer’s lives. They are those moments when people reflexively turn to a device in order to learn something, watch something, or buy something. Micro-moments are purposeful moments in which decisions are made and preferences are shaped or solidified- so take them as car sales tips and tricks for improving your website experience.


Car sales tips and tricks lie in the details of micro-moments. During a micro-moment, consumers want to find accurate information quickly, and in these moments, brands have the opportunity to present information and tell their story so that they are looked upon favorably by consumers. Above all: micro-moments are actionable.

Use Micro-Moments as Insights for Car Sales Tips and Tricks

Need some examples of how powerful micro-moments truly are? Here are 10 micro-moments, in action:

 Muhammad watches a commercial for a new SUV. He likes the model, but usually buys sedans. He can’t decide what style of car best fits his needs. He pulls out his phone to take a quiz on “What kind of car are you?”


2. Courtney is having difficulty choosing furniture for her new apartment because she doesn’t know the dimensions of the floorplans. While in Ikea, she pulls out her phone to take a quick virtual floorplan video tour of her new apartment on the property management’s website.


3. Heather is frustrated because she can’t remember the name of car whose commercial features hamsters driving it. She does a quick search of “hamster car commercial” on her phone while waiting in line for Starbucks.


4. Wade accidentally got paint on his family’s couch. His wife will be home in 3 hours. He doesn’t want her to see this. Wade goes online, finds the couch is in-stock at the furniture store down the street, and buys it online so he can go pick it up right away.


5. Kaylie’s friend Jordan is in town for the weekend, and they get hungry while out walking Kaylie’s dog. She pulls out her phone to search “what restaurants near me are dog friendly”.


6. Nolan can’t remember if the warranty is up on his car’s navigation device. He pulls up the “Customer Chat” section on the dealership’s website.


7. Sandy realizes doesn’t have lot of time on her lunch break to be waiting for an appointment with a dealership sales rep. She pulls out her phone during her morning meeting to quickly schedule an appointment on the dealer’s website, specifying exactly what time she wants.


8. Kevin is apartment hunting. He wants to know how close each of his three top choices are to his work, so he pulls up some maps on his laptop.


9. Russ really wants to find a way to make sure leads coming into his dealership showroom have all the legal and financial information they need when they get there. He uses his knowledge of car sales tips and tricks, and on his website next to the vehicle images, he put a button to “Start the Buying Process” so leads can start to fill out paperwork online.


10. Kylie and Jared are arguing over whether or not Toyota is having special pricing on RAV4’s right now. Jared pulls out his phone to double-check.

Every Micro-Moment is a Business Opportunity Waiting to Happen

Moments like Muhammad’s and Nolan’s point out the opportunity for a consumer to engage with brands on a deeper level.


Moments like Courtney’s and Kaylie’s  provide the opportunity for the business to showcase their brand and tell its story through good customer service and helpful information. And moments like those of Sandy or Russ are immediately actionable.


Consider these scenarios for how consumers are interacting with your brand, and use them as turn-key templates to unlocking car sales tips and tricks that will assist consumer behavior.


These scenarios happen because of a wide range of circumstances. Every micro-moment is a business opportunity waiting to happen. What steps is your business taking to maximize micro-moments like these?