Car Dealership Social Media: Why Today’s Event Sale Would Put Your Dad’s Event Sale to Shame

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If your dealership is family-owned, you may remember a day when your dad (or uncle) ran an event sale at the showroom. Well, Dad did a fine enough job running his dealership’s marketing strategies, but he’s got nothing on today’s tactics. He made good with what he had—flyers and banners—but his best doesn’t even come close to the promotions we’re capable of today. Car dealership social media and advertising has come a long way over the past few years. A wise man once said, “Don’t leave yourself at your best, because someone else will come along and best your best.”

Car Dealership Social Media: Why Today's Event Sale Would Put Your Dad's Event Sale to Shame


We’ve Got Digital Marketing

Dealers may have sent out letters and flyers through the mail before—still a good tactic—but today, we’re able to send information through the air instantly, directly to our consumers’ cell phones and computers. Using email and online ads allows us to put promotions right in front of the people we want to attract. And we can do it in the blink of an eye.car dealership social media


Dad also put up roadside banners and billboards to promote his dealership’s sales event. Not the worst tactic going, but that’s an investment of time and money without too much focus. Today, we can tailor a message to a group of consumers or even to a single consumer. Personalization is important, and digital marketing lets us get personal.


Something else Dad couldn’t do? Make real-time changes to marketing campaigns reflecting response. Social media allows you to interact with customers individually—which cultivates a personal relationship with them—and it also allows you to watch how they make decisions. If we start a digital campaign with 100 different advertisements, we can pinpoint the successful ones—and not-so-successful ones—by watching how consumers interact with them.


We can see which advertisements receive the most hits and from where. Then we can get rid of the ones that aren’t doing our campaign any favors and beef up the ones that are. We can make our campaigns practically foolproof. Your dad couldn’t change his messaging tactics after he sent out letters; he was locked in from the get-go.


We’ve Got Digital Consumers

Our instantaneous communication isn’t a one-sided conversation; it couldn’t be, not with the millions of people out there and online. Emails, Facebook, Google Ads—we use all of these to talk with our consumers directly. And they talk back. We can interaccar dealership social media | online interactiont with each other in way we couldn’t before, and consumers talk directly with their favorite—or least favorite—brands and companies. We have the power to build individual as well as global rapport easily.


Online interaction gives us the chance to ask the questions we need to ask, inform consumers about what’s going on at our dealerships, and solve problems they’ve had with us. When customers leave your lot, you can follow up with them in a very public way by asking them about their experience at your dealership.


This shows everyone that’s watching the conversation that you care about the overall satisfaction of your customers. The real victory in this whole thing is that we can pretty much guarantee that the people we want to see our promotional ads will see them. Pay some money, indicate your audience, and Facebook will show your ads to the right people. It’s not weird or creepy. It’s really no different than paying a billboard company to plaster your advertisement on the side of the interstate.


We’ve Got Large-Scale Gathering of Information

Perhaps the best thing available yet is the ability to use our digital marketing campaigns to gather information that will be useful in the next campaign. This isn’t something new, seeing as your dad was doing it years ago, but the digital world enables us to gather information on a seriously larger scale, and fast.


If you use a platform like PERQ’s online guided shopping, not only can you offer your customers more incentive to visit your store, but you can also gain information on every individual that accesses your promotion.


Age, gender, credit score, address, ethnic background—this is all important information when you’re devising your next digital marketing campaign. The goal of every promotional sale and marketing campaign is to sell more cars, right? As you track the kinds of people who click on your ads, visit your promotional URLs, and come to your sales events, you learn to craft better, more efficient, and more targeted marketing strategies. This means you’re able to take note of exactly what did and didn’t work and then tailor your next promotion to best suit the consumers.


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