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Capture Valuable Data from PERQ Auto Software

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Russ Chandler Administrator

Thousands of visitors search on auto dealership websites on any given day, but do you know who those visitors are? Do you have the data you need to create a better experience for that visitor, convert them into a car buyer and improve your website at the same time?


The power of data is pretty amazing, letting you analyze consumer behavior, adjust your digital strategy and improve processes at your auto dealership.


PERQ auto software helps dealerships build a strong consumer database, providing a wealth of information that empowers your sales team. But it’s important to make sure you’re actually scheduling time to look at the data on a regular cadence.


The data you’re receiving from interactive CTAs through PERQ’s auto software can help you build trust with each potential car buyer right from the start. You not only get your customer’s contact information, but can personalize questions within the interactive software to find out details such as:


  • Where they are in the car buying process.
  • How they prefer to be contacted.
  • The type of vehicle they’re interested in buying.
  • The type of test drive experience they’re interested in.
  • How soon the customer is ready to buy.
  • How they’d like to complete the purchase.


The information from the PERQ auto software allows you to create a personalized buyer profile for each website visitor so you can customize your interactions with them.

PERQ Auto Software


When you look at your data closely, you may find some revealing details.


For example, when analyzing the data of 45,000 consumers from the PERQ trade-in tool in 2016, PERQ discovered a significant lag between the time consumers submit an online vehicle appraisal and the time the actual purchase took place, even though nearly three quarters of these consumers indicated they were ready to buy.


Incites like these at a dealership level can ultimately help you improve the auto buying experience.


Try these 3 tips below to leverage data from PERQ’s auto software.

Personalize Your Response To Leads

Your sales team can identify where consumers are in the car buying experience based on the questions they answered through the PERQ interactive auto software. You’ll know whether they’re starting their research, if they’ve narrowed their options or if they’re ready to buy.


Based on the data, your team can create different emails for each group as a follow up and personalize the email based on other answers that are now a part of each buyer’s profile.


You may determine that one buyer prefers to be contacted by phone, but another prefers emails or texts. Tailoring your approach will help build trust.


As a plus, you’ll be better prepared to help the customer and save time because you’ll already have many of the answers upfront based on the information they provided in PERQ’s auto software. Each unique piece of information about a consumer helps to turn that lead into a buyer.


PERQ Interactive Experiences

PERQ’s auto software allows you to customize the experience for different types of buyers.

Review Your Consumer Profile Trends

To improve your processes in lead follow up, take a look at all of your data quarterly from the Deal Arrangement auto software. Basically, work with your client success manager to find trends in your metric summaries.


How are the majority of your consumers answering questions or interacting with PERQ’s auto software?


If visitors aren’t returning to your website in the initial research phase, maybe you need to adjust or add new content to your website to help educate the buyer better.


When you asked visitors the best way to ensure you earn their business, your data might reveal the majority want a quick and easy purchase process. From this information, your team could brainstorm ways to make process improvements.


Other data might reveal the majority of website visitors want an extended test drive, so you find ways to advertise this option more.


What other trends are you seeing in your data? Make sure you’re sharing that data with your entire team and discuss a game plan to make improvements.


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Data can help you tailor your sails approach

Optimize Your Site for the Best Conversion Rates

Now that you’ve looked at your metric summaries for trends, use the data to determine how to optimize your site for better conversion. We recommend a quarterly assessment, comparing to past quarters, too.



Review the placement of your smart CTAs on your website. Are there any that aren’t capturing the data you need? A quick change to the messaging may work or trying the CTA on a different area of your page may work, too.


Make sure your website pages aren’t too cluttered with too many CTAs, which can easily overwhelm your visitor and have them leaving your site.


Look at your personalized interactive experiences within PERQ auto software. It may be time to add new questions or change the experience if you’re trying to capture new or different data.