Busting Brackets, Taking Names and Moving Metal

4 min read

At PERQ, we embrace the possibility of “what if” and then find a way to make it a reality. For basketball junkies, like myself, let me propose a dream scenario… “What if you could talk all day about the upcoming basketball tournament and give away thousands of dollars’ worth of cash and prizes to your customers, all while hitting your monthly sales quota?”


With help of many folks across the organization, we were able to create this dream scenario for our automotive clients.  Our dealer clients are taking marketing incentives to a new level with our Bracket Buster Event Sale Promotion kicking into full gear this week.


This type of Event Sale is an incentivized promotion for auto dealers to attract potential buyers into their store by offering a chance to win guaranteed and insured prizes with big payouts, based on outcomes for upcoming basketball tournament games.  Here are some of the incentive options being offered…


  1. Bracket Buster DealsGuaranteed Prizes: Dealers are giving away Big Screen TVs to customers who visit the dealership and select the team that will win the tournament with the tie-breaker being the score of the final game.
  2. Insured Prizes: If a 16 seed beats a 1 seed in the field of 64, PERQ will provide a cash payout of $25k for one person who visited the dealership during the promotion
  3. Insured Prizes: If a particular team wins the tournament of our client’s choice, PERQ will provide a cash payout of $25k for one person who visited the dealership during the promotion

New Incentive Options to Help Auto Dealers

Along with the capability of our amazing sales team, these new incentive options have allowed us to exceed our stretch goal of doubling revenue year-over-year for similar Event Sales in a similar timeframe.


I would like to expand upon the third incentive option for a moment.  Many clients have selected tournament favorites and local favorites, which further highlights how much auto dealers care about their local communities and want them to thrive.

As of the time of this post, the top selections are Wichita State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Kansas.  According to Nate Silver and his company’s tournament predictions, the favorites are Florida, Louisville and Arizona. 


Who is right, our dealer clients picking from the heart with the pride of their local communities or the guy who got 49 out of 50 states right in the presidential election?


While the measured marketer in me cannot discredit the statistical model developed by the folks at FiveThirtyEight, the emotional marketer in me wants Cowboys Stadium to shake with the chant of “Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk”, another group of Izzo’s seniors to reach a Final Four, the Shockers to shock the world, and Michigan to have a repeat appearance in the finals. (Even though Big Dog’s son broke my beloved Boilermaker’s hearts this year.)


This campaign will generate big winners, and reinforce the FATWIN tagline of REAL PRIZES, REAL WINNERS!  One thing I know for sure, when those brackets bust, our dealers will be the ones taking names and moving metal!