[WEBINAR] Learn How to Crush at Auto Email Marketing with Tim Hickle

By: Felicia Savage

Last year, California based market research firm, Radicati Group, revealed that consumers (worldwide) would send/receive an average of 93.1 e-mails per day throughout 2015. If that number wasn’t outrageous enough, that number is expected to rise by over 27% over the next 4 years — resulting in an average of almost 120 emails being sent and received per day.


Needless to say, this rapid increase in e-mail communications over the last few years has made it all the more difficult to get your consumer’s attention. The more e-mails that pile up in your consumer’s inboxes, the less likely it is they’ll see yours. So, what can your dealership do improve its auto email marketing efforts and really nab the attention of prospective customers?


Radicati Group Stat: The number of emails sent & received is expected to rise by +27% over the next 4 years!

On March 18th, 2016, digital marketing strategist, e-mail marketing expert and PERQ veteran, Tim Hickle, hosted a webinar called: “How to Crush at Automotive Email Marketing.” During the 30 minute session, he explained how to:

  • Be up to speed on the latest in email lead nurture techniques
  • Be able to identify the pitfalls of standard automotive email marketing
  • Get specific tips on how to squeeze better ROI out of your email lead nurture