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With over a decade of experience in the auto industry as a dealer, Russ has seen firsthand the problems dealerships face everyday. As a Product Marketing Manager, Russ combines his expertise with powerful technology to provide his clients with increased response and conversion on their marketing.

PERQ makes it easier than ever for dealers to collect valuable information from their consumers. Between the ability to create beautifully customized templates and ask tailored polling questions in your website experiences, dealers can collect as much information on their buyers as they deem necessary.


While coming up with useful questions to ask in your online experience isn’t particularly difficult, you might get stuck the exact questions that you would like to ask. PERQ’s trade software are a great starting point for dealerships who are just getting their feet wet in the world of interactive content. 

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Even though you have an opportunity to ask whatever questions you like, the standard questions we ask have received great responses. Of course, the better the consumer responses, the better the buyer information you collect into your buyer profiles. And the better the buyer profiles, the better quality your in-store customer interactions will do.


Here’s how PERQ’s trade experience can help optimize your buyer profiles:


PERQ’s Trade Software Asks for Current Trade Information

PERQ’s main “claim to fame” (as an overall platform) is that it can fully integrate into your dealership’s website and reliably collects information from prospective buyers, and generates individual buyer profiles, which then get transferred over to your dealership’s CRM. Dealers that leverage PERQ’s buyer profiles can seriously benefit from trade-in information.


Since every consumer is bound to have different vehicle trade-in values (and different vehicles, for that matter), this allows dealers to provide unique offers and suggestions to each individual consumer upon coming into the store.


“Since every consumer is bound to have different vehicle trade-in values, this allows dealers to provide unique offers and suggestions to each individual consumer upon coming into the store.”


For instance, if a consumer’s trade-in value is around $14,000-$15,000 and they want a vehicle that’s higher than that value, a dealer might suggest financing options; or perhaps a different vehicle. This type of information makes it easier for dealers to develop and nurture relationships.


In addition to developing strong in-store relationships, PERQ possesses something called “dynamic-pathing;” which allows for consumers who complete a trade experience to move on to the next relevant experience (Ex: Schedule a test drive, etc.). Information from all these different experiences transfers to that consumer’s profile in your dealership CRM.

Buyers Can Get Further Assistance

Along with collecting trade-in information, our auto dealer appraisal software also asks consumers about any other assistance they might need. As mentioned previous stated,  all the information that gets filled out by the consumer goes directly into the profile in their dealership’s CRM.


By having the ability to inform dealers about what they need, consumers can be direct about their specific requests and get the answers they need.


If a dealer, for example, looks at a buyer profile and notices a consumer wanting a vehicle that’s not in their current inventory, they can recommend a similar vehicle or one of similar value. Or, within the online experience, they could delve deeper and ask about the particular features they’re looking for and take it from there.

Generate More Leads

The very purpose of PERQ’s trade software is to convert traffic from your dealership’s website into actionable leads — which in turn, generates more buyer profiles and dramatically increases the likelihood of obtaining higher quality leads.


“One of the most common things car buyers request is the trade-in value of their current vehicle.”


One of the most common things car buyers request is the trade-in value of their current vehicle. When you can find out this information within mere minutes and get an incentive on top of the revealed value, there’s really no wondering why so many car buyers convert into qualified leads.


With our trade experience, dealers can see as much as a 200% increase in leads and 3x the customer data than that of an average automotive lead; thus helping to improve buyer profile creation.

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