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Increasing website engagement and conversion, improve lead management, and nurture car buyers while tying digital marketing spend to sales in your dealership.

How PERQ Helps Your Automotive Dealership

PERQ’s software solution solves the most common challenges faced by auto dealerships and delivers real results.

Integrations & Partners

Optimized configurations for websites enable Ford and Lincoln dealers to quickly and easily implement PERQ.

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CBC Auto Marketing

Digital, social, and traditional Automotive marketing agency that offers PERQ to dealerships looking to increase engagement with website visitors.

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Digital marketing, merchandising, and consulting for the automotive industry, which offers PERQ to clients looking to increase engagement with website visitors.

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Dealer Inspire

Optimized configurations for Dealer Inspire websites enable Dealer Inspire customers to quickly and easily implement PERQ.

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Optimized configurations for DealerOn websites enable DealerOn dealerships to quickly and easily implement PERQ.

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RSR Global

A reseller of PERQ, RSR Global is a Canadian-owned, Digital Agency that provides industry leading F&I products and programs, innovative technology solutions...

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Recent Articles

First Week on the Job

First Week on the Job

It has been a whole week since I started working at PERQ as the new Content Manager. An entire week filled with back to back meetings learning the ins and outs of the marketing team, editing and writing, endless iced coffee and lots of laughs. In the the last few...

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The Bridge Season Two Rewind

In this final episode of season two of The Bridge, we will take a trip down memory lane and pull the most important takeaways of each episode to help you take the next steps in your selling journey.    [fusebox_track_player url=""...

What we’ve Learned from Working at Home the Past Month

Before the pandemic, working from home for most people only happened when there were extenuating circumstances: the kids got sick, you were getting repairs done on the home, or there was a mid-day appointment and your home was closer than your work location.   ...

Move Past Customer Personas to Focus on Personalization

Businesses create personas to place the consumer at the center of decision-making. Customer personas work when designing products and services, yet do they still serve a purpose in marketing and sales?    Marketing, the process of identifying, anticipating and...

How to Create a VIP Customer Experience while Selling Remotely

In today's reality, social distancing has become a part of normal business. Brick and mortar stores have closed storefronts or have limited business hours, forcing customers to shop online. How do you make the consumer feel important when you can only interact through...

Best Practices to Focus on Personal Growth 

It is easy (and normal) to mindlessly scroll through social media, get lost in a Netflix series and to let your phone and email inbox go unanswered. Don’t let a global pandemic stop you from reaching your personal goals. Try these 5 practices to stay on track.   ...