Should I Be Using Multiple YouTube Channels? How to Dominate Video SEO for Your Dealership

By: Russ Chandler

Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy, hosted a great workshop about using online videos to improve your marketing campaigns. In this video, he answers the question of whether or not you should use multiple YouTube channels to improve your video SEO.  

Use Different Video Engines for Your Dealership


The first thing Sean recommends is not using multiple YouTube channels. Instead, he recommends using multiple video engines, like Metacafe, Vimeo, or any other video website to diversify your video platforms. He emphasizes the point that if you’re going to utilize YouTube for your videos, you should only have one channel. By having only one YouTube channel, and consistently uploading relevant videos, you will label yourself as a valuable contributor to the video platform.


Only One YouTube Channel


The old adage, “More is better,” certainly does not apply to online video marketing. It would be easy to think that by having multiple channels you will reach more consumers and make more money, but that simply isn’t true. Instead, focus on developing a single channel that’s valuable and appealing to consumers. The more videos you upload to that one channel and the more views those videos receive, the more the overall value of your channel will increase.


Be Relevant


The best way to be impactful with your YouTube channel is to be relevant. Don’t spam the Internet with useless videos—make videos that appeal to your consumers. As with a blog, if you intend to use YouTube for your marketing campaign, you need to be consistent. Upload videos that interest consumers on a regular basis. Also, try to get as many views and as many subscribers as possible. If your videos are relevant to your consumers, you won’t need to spend outrageous amounts of money making or advertising the video.

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To learn more about Sean and Dealer Synergy, check out his website or his YouTube channel. For more tips and tricks from the best and brightest in the auto industry, download our ultimate recap of NADA 2014 here.