Try our $25K FATWIN Sweepstakes

By: Matt Quoss

Now that you’re familiar with our $25K giveaway, is your dealership ready to give it a try? The drawing for our next $25K giveaway is July 31st, so the sooner you can get started, the better! To get involved, just follow our simple 2-step process:

Give Us A Call


To get started, the first thing you’ll need to do is give one of our account reps a call. If, of course, you already have an account rep that you’re working with, you can just talk to them. When you get a hold of someone, tell them you’re interested in setting up your next event sale with FATWIN. Your account rep will then prompt you with an assortment of different themes to choose from. Once a theme has been chosen, you’ll then pick out the advertising channels you want to use as well as any add-ons that would better enhance your campaign.


Pick Your Event Sale Dates


Once you’ve selected your theme, advertising channels and add-ons, the next step is to choose the date for your event sale. In order to be eligible for our next guaranteed giveaway, your event sale’s dates need to end before July 31st. Any event sales hosted AFTER the July 31st drawing will be eligible for our next guaranteed giveaway on October 31st. Note that our $25K giveaways are hosted on a quarterly basis. Checks are awarded to lucky recipients in January, April, August and November.


Now that you know how to get started, what’s stoppin’ ya? Visit or give us a call NOW at (800) 873 3117 to get your summer event sale eligible for the quarterly giveaway!