Treeforms Furniture Gallery Finds PERQ through Stressless

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Improved Website Provides Better Engagement


As a partner selling the Stressless brand of furniture in Alaska, Treeforms Furniture Gallery took notice when its Stressless rep told them about “PERQ leads” generated by online shoppers interested in making a purchase. The customers had visited the website, which includes PERQ’s online guided shopping solution that helps guide consumers on their buying journey.


After researching other furniture dealer websites using the PERQ software overlay and gaining insight from the Stressless head of marketing, Treeforms Furniture Gallery Owner David Meril and Marketing Manager Terra Griffin decided to implement PERQ, along with a dedicated Stressless overlay page, on its newly revamped website in March.


“What I’ve seen is a much more efficient way for our potential customers to engage with our website, and to put them more on a direct path to us,” Griffin says.

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Treeforms Furniture Gallery Sees Increase in Leads, Sales

Before PERQ, the Treeforms Furniture website contained only a contact form to seek more information from a lead. Customers get busy, however, and too many failed to follow through after expressing interest in a particular product. “PERQ seems to be more guided, which gives people more of a path and keeps them moving forward in their shopping process,” Griffin says.


From mid-March through July, Treeforms saw a total of 937 web registrations, which means customers were engaging with their site by taking design, sofa and mattress assessments or making inquiries for more information or special offers. The store also closed sales from those PERQ inquiries.


Customers can now click a “get more info” button easily, answer a few questions online and a sales rep reaches out right away to provide personalized assistance. Griffin also helped the sales staff create specific templates to respond to customers with the appropriate information.


Over 4 months, the team at Treeforms learned 52% of their online visitors were looking for living room furniture, 19% of consumers online who were checking for special offers said they were ready to buy now, and 30% of their online visitors identified themselves as grandparents or empty nesters.


“PERQ gives customers a channel to ask questions without a delay, where they might get sidetracked,” Griffin says. “We put a very relevant tool in place by launching the new website and just gave people better access to it.”


“Then they get to connect with a real person, which is super important here because we need them to really experience the highly customizable group of items we have in the store,” she adds. “It’s not just go buy that sofa as seen on the website. Typically, there’s a lot of customization that can go with it.”

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PERQ Worth the Investment


Griffin says Treeforms took a gamble by deciding to update its website and go with PERQ at a time when Alaska is in a deep recession.


“We have real Alaskan global struggles right now,” she says. “We did this to combat some of that, but also take the opportunity with this downtime to really get ourselves lined up for when it bounces it back. It always does. It’s boom or bust here, with the oil. Having PERQ in place is going to give us a way to manage all of that traffic when it does start to come back.”


Griffin says Treeforms is seeing a “leveling out, a stopping of the bleeding” after three tough years. “A lot of businesses have gone away and people have left. It’s been a difficult recession, for sure,” she says.


Treeforms saw a return on its investment in the first month, Griffin says, and continues to see a return. Being able to track actual numbers for leads and conversions is making a huge difference, she adds.


“The part I worry about the most is what I cannot track,” Griffin says. “I know what I’m spending, I know what’s going out, but I just can’t put my finger on what’s coming in during this recession when everything needs to be so dialed in. It’s a very big unknown and it’s a variable. So being able to replace some of that with this solution has been a big help.


“The PERQ conversions are solid right off the bat, right out of the gate,” she adds. “Even though we have slower periods, it’s nice to see that they’re still coming in, it hasn’t dropped off completely. It’s still very solid for what we have going on, volume-wise.”


Griffin says she also likes the support she receives from PERQ and would “absolutely” recommend them to other retailers. “The people at PERQ are so knowledgeable and informative, no matter what questions I throw at them.”

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“PERQ’s solution seems to be more guided, which gives people more of a path and keeps them moving forward in their shopping process.”

Terra Griffin, Marketing Manager, Treeforms Furniture Gallery