Tips from Automotive Marketing Companies for the Best Email Nurturing Campaigns

By: Audrey Moistner

Don’t ignore those leads! Automotive marketing companies offer tips to create the best email nurturing campaigns to help drive sales.


You got a car buyer’s attention. Or at least his email address… Now what? That’s the big question behind every auto dealership’s attempt to generate business through lead generation. It’s at the crux of every marketing strategy.


And it’s a question that’s worth asking any of the automotive marketing companies you’re planning to bring on as partners. What is their recipe for turning quality leads into customers?


An effective lead nurturing strategy helps you stay engaged with the car shoppers who happen to stop by your site but are not quite ready to drive away in a car. In most cases, this will be the vast majority of the visitors to your site. Making sure you’re at the top of the list — and top of mind — when they’re ready to purchase three months or six months down the road could be critical to your bottom line.


According to Think with Google, you can count on many buyers spending a lot of time browsing before they decide on a vehicle. In one study, a potential car buyer had more than 900 online touches, including 139 Google searches, 14 YouTube videos and 69 dealer interactions, on the way to purchasing a vehicle.


That means you have a plenty of opportunities to fill in some of those gaps — providing the information consumers are looking for when making a purchase.


Many automotive marketing companies can help dealerships with lead nurturing through email marketing campaigns. Research firm Forrester reported that marketers gain a 20% increase in sales opportunities with nurtured leads. It also revealed that companies that master lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more in sales.


Here are 4 strategies recommended by automotive marketing companies to get those type of results:[


Automated, Immediate Response

One of the biggest factors to keep in mind when developing an email nurturing strategy is a quick response. With every second or minute that passes, consider yourself significantly decreasing your chances of a sale.


An article by Hubspot painted a scenario about lead response time using an auto dealership. Imagine a customer coming to your dealership to purchase a car. You wouldn’t tell him or her to wait an hour or two — or even a few days — for you to get back to them.


According to the Harvard Business Review, statistics show that the average business is waiting 42 hours before getting back to a lead. Only 37% of the 2,241 U.S. companies surveyed responded within an hour.


If you’re in the auto sales industry, consider an hour a deal killer. You should be responding within minutes. A potential shopper could quickly go elsewhere.


With an automated lead nurturing campaign, you should be set to respond immediately with an engaging response to an inquiry. Someone on your team — a human — should follow up with an appointment or an answer as soon as possible.



Interactive forms that ask online visitors questions to help them narrow their decisions and learn more, can help dealerships capture a lot of buyer profile data. This information will help dealerships  follow up with communication that fits each of their leads. Automotive marketing agencies say this step is critical. You’re bound to fail if you’re sending out generic follow-up emails that don’t take into account the person’s interests, needs or questions. For example, if a person told you they don’t have a trade, you wouldn’t send an email that asked them to bring in their trade for an in-person appraisal.


When your sales rep calls or reaches out with an email, he or she should know a bit about what the potential client wants.  Set your team up to have more effective conversations with prospects based on how soon they’re interested in purchasing, what they’re interested in purchasing and any financial constraints.


You’re bound to fail if you’re sending out generic follow-up emails that don’t take into account the person’s interests, needs or questions.


Targeted Content

What about the body of the email? Especially for those leads who may not be interested in purchasing a vehicle for at least 6 months or more? Do you simply abandon them? Turn your focus to those who are ready to make the jump in a week or two?


Automotive marketing companies can help dealerships create email content designed to nurture consumers for the long haul. Paying attention to your online visitors’ interests and questions, could help your dealership reap benefits at a later date. With an automated strategy that features highly customized and engaging content, you can maintain a captive audience depending on where they are in the buying process.


To further incentivize consumers on your email list, offer special offers throughout the email campaign.


Design, Visuals that Wow

Remember that Google study where a car shopper was followed throughout her entire car-buying process online? Well, not surprisingly, more than 100 of those interactions involved image searches and videos.


When it comes to purchasing a high-ticket item like a vehicle, visuals will play a big part in the process. Borrow a few cues from vehicle manufacturers by investing in well-designed emails, professional photography and videos that make your communications stand out.


With the help of the right automotive marketing companies, you can develop a strategy that helps you perfect an email nurturing campaign that engages your prospects — at varying stages of the buying process.