Car Dealership Lead Generation: How Can Social Media Help?

By: Felicia Savage

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, lead generation is the backbone of the auto industry. It is (or at least should be) a core component of every dealership’s marketing and sales strategy. There a number of different ways you can go about conducting your car dealership lead generation efforts.


Some dealers utilize just one type of lead generation method; while some choose to take advantage of as many options as possible. If your dealership has the time, funds and resources to devote to these many tactics, then definitely try out as much as your possibly can.


With all the swift advances in digital marketing over the last 5-8 years, social media advertising has become a new standard for advertisers in every industry imaginable.


The ability to reach whatever types of audiences you want, coupled with the ability to create your own engaging ads, has made social media advertising very powerful — and it’s especially played an instrumental role for lead capture and follow-up. Here are 3 of the most useful types of ads you can use for your lead capture strategy.


Lead Ads For Facebook and Twitter

The first type of social media ad we’ll be discussing are “Lead Ads;” which are, you guessed it, ads for the sole purpose of lead generation. Even if you have a static or interactive lead capture form on your website, these ads can certainly complement your other lead generation efforts as you’d be collecting information on users you might not otherwise engage with via print or direct mail.


So, just like static forms and interactive lead capture forms on your website, you first need to come up with a reason for why consumers should be submitting their information — an incentive, if you will.


Are they signing up to receive a weekly newsletter? Are they looking to download an app or e-guide? Perhaps they want to get a quote on their trade-in. Whatever the reason is, you need to come up with one so that you can choose what strong “Call-to-Action” button to use.


Currently, lead ads can be used on Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook, businesses not only have the opportunity to collect contact information (that consumers fill in on their own), but they can ask relevant questions in order for consumers to customize their user preferences and they to learn more about them.


Twitter lead ads, however, are a tad simpler; as consumers can simply sign up for something by giving permission to share the name and e-mail address they already have on-file with Twitter.


Offer Redemption Ads for Facebook

If your business is of the brick & mortar nature, you could benefit greatly from Facebook’s Offer Redemption ads. Offer redemption ads allow your business to present consumers with coupons, deals or free products/services when they visit your store.


You might not be collecting actual contact information, but in essence, you are driving more consumers (or leads) into your actual store — and that almost always means increased engagement and transactions.


Offer redemption ads are especially useful for attaining brand new customers. While it’s never a bad idea to serve your ad in front of consumers who have already “Liked” your page on Facebook, going after new (but relevant) audiences means you’re presenting your products and services to fresh sets of eyes. They don’t know much about your business yet, so these new consumers are likely curious and will visit your store to redeem their special offer.


Web Conversions For Facebook and Twitter

Used on both Twitter and Facebook, Web Conversion ads can prove to be quite useful for your car dealership lead generation efforts. Although these ads can be optimized to encourage consumers to take certain actions (Ex: Shop Now, Apply Now, Download Now, etc.), what’s particularly special about Web Conversion ads is that they provide tracking of successful conversions and transactions. Not only can this type of tracking give insight into how well your ads are performing (and how well they’re designed/laid out), but it can also give your dealership an idea of how good your products and services actually are.


For instance, if a consumer clicks on an ad with a CTA button that says “Shop Now” and there’s no completed transaction (no purchase, no appointment scheduled, etc.), then it’s possible that something just didn’t stick with the consumer. They might have decided they didn’t like your dealership’s inventory; or perhaps they didn’t like the way the site was set-up. When users don’t convert, there’s usually a reason. If they do convert, then chances are good that you’re doing something right.


Social media ads are a great way to enhance (and maybe even supplement) your car dealership lead generation efforts. The best part of all is that these platforms are only going to get better. With many aspects of marketing technology advancing rapidly, there’s no telling what sorts of new capabilities there will be for brands looking to attain new customers.


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