Press Release: PERQ Awards $12,173 to First FATWIN Progressive Jackpot Winner

By: Felicia Savage

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PERQ Awards $12,173 to First FATWIN Progressive Jackpot Winner


INDIANAPOLIS –(Business Wire)–


PERQ, a leader in marketing technology that provides incentive-based solutions for businesses, is proud to have given away more than $12,000 to the first progressive jackpot winner of its FATWIN solution. FATWIN, currently in beta testing, manages games, contests, prize redemption and lead generation for companies and businesses both online and in-store.


Kyle Walker was awarded the cash at a Don Johnson Auto Group dealership in Rice Lake, Wis. after an instant win while playing FATWIN games online. Walker learned about FATWIN after seeing a friend share a link to the dealership’s online gaming site on Facebook (News –Alert). After playing for a chance to win himself, he learned he won the progressive jackpot of $12,173.23. He claimed his prize at the Rice Lake dealership earlier this month.


“Every time someone wins big with FATWIN, we’re thrilled,” said Scott Hill, executive chairman and co-founder of PERQ. “Some people might be skeptical, but we give away big prizes-from cash, to gift cards, to electronics-all the time.


Our solution offers real entertainment and a real chance to win. – Scott Hill


Our solution offers real entertainment and a real chance to win to consumers, while offering businesses the chance to learn valuable information about potential customers. It’s a win for everyone.


This is the first time a FATWIN user has won the progressive jackpot. Now, the online jackpot will start building again with payouts happening monthly.


“Awarding such a substantial check to a FATWIN contestant not only legitimized the FATWIN games, but also helped our dealerships gain credibility in the communities we serve,” said Josh Johnson, general manager at Don Johnson Motors. “For Kyle, it was a life-altering event. For us, it was a valuable way to gather leads and purchase intent information of customers and prospective customers.”


The Don Johnson Auto Group will continue giving away prizes through FATWIN. Each month, a minimum of $500 in prizes are given away to consumers including Amazon gift cards, exclusive savings and free car washes.


FATWIN is also used by several other auto dealerships and retailers that want to entice consumers to save money, win prizes and be entertained with high-quality, business-branded games. Businesses are able to use the platform to acquire new customers, generate leads and track immediate results through the FATWIN dashboard interface. The technology behind FATWIN has already been used to give away more than $3 million dollars in prizes.


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